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  1. Such a great update. I love any and all info on mechanics, even if they're not final. I'd like to hear about the Frontline next, for comparing/contrasting with the Heavy Hitters.
  2. Imagine monks like characters from Dragon Ball Z. Now we're talking...
  3. @Stiler: Great thoughts. That's exactly the kind of cool, functional experience I'd be hoping for out of transmutation and other disciplines that modify the physical world. I hope you guys at Obsidian see this! :~)
  4. I just upped my pledge! I request the title of First Omnimagic Magistrate of the Obsidian Order.
  5. As a fan of the genre for years, I've always been hoping to play a game that had surprising, powerful magic spells. Specifically, I've always hoped to play a mage-type character that could shapeshift into other forms, like the wizards of old tales (e.g. Merlin, and countless others in literature). I mean, imagine being in a situation that requires stealth, then turning into a rat to sneak through, or facing multiple, powerful enemies, and turning into a griffin in order fly out of range and attack at your leisure. This makes for such great storytelling. Obviously, a beginning character shouldn't be able to just turn into a dragon, but down the road, something like that would be awesome and fulfilling. I started this thread to talk about any and all cool magical effects people would like to see in the game, and how these effects might affect gameplay.
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