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  1. like it or not, thats the way things are. you guys can only expect more demands for console version. as the development goes on bunch of big mainstream gaming sites & mags will write all sorts of articles about Eternity and more and more console only gamers will be interested in it. wouldt be surprised if this or any similar thread looks quite different in one year or so.
  2. im pretty sure Eternity will be ported to consoles if it is successful enough on PC, whether we like it or not. Obsidians ultimate goal is to make money after all. so if Eternity achieve critical acclaim and good sales on PC and if there is enough demand from console gamers theyre definitely going to make console ports. I will be happy as long as they start working on ports after the release of PC version or outsource them to some other company. that way we will be sure that game is designed for PC first and that money they earn from kickstarter will be spent for the development of eternity a
  3. i also dont like ops idea about one "true", benevolent (judeo-christian?) creator god and bunch of lesser, evil (pagan?) gods... i dont want this game to become like some sort of weird pro-christian propaganda.
  4. now thats a really good idea! i used similar mod for DA:O since text was like amost unreadable at higher resolutions. so yeah, i would like to see the option for UI scaling. some players prefer smaller UI that takes up less space on screen and others like bigger UI and larger font size
  5. i would like to see some robust mod tool, however im not sure how much resources would be needed for such feature. it seems to me that Obsidian is trying to avoid this topic, at least at this time
  6. speaking of Lovecraft, i wouldnt mind if those mysterious sea monsters they mentioned in the fifth update are inspired by something from cthulhu mythos
  7. yeah... in OUR world. P:E isnt set in our world. its explained that firearms in P:E were invented specifically as a weapons against mages
  8. Evolution isn't enough? well, if most creatures look familiar and, well, normal and then you run into some creepy, strange looking alien thing... yeah, that thing sure as hell didnt evolve naturaly in the same world thats why i hope that, if they put such creatures in their game, they will explain why they exist in game world
  9. im OK with weird creatures if they are like really rare and dont stand out too much... if they decide to put some alien looking things in game i just hope they will provide decent in game explanation for their presence
  10. you said that like hundred times already whats the point of any similar discussion on this here forum if everything abut this game is already decided? no, i really dont think it should work that way. obsidian is getting money for P:E from their fans and therefore fans should have like at least some influence on the development of P:E. i was hoping that if enough people voice their disapproval of some feature (like addition of firearms in this case) they will be forced to either remove that feature or at least modify it somewhat
  11. yet many high fantasy worlds do change over time. civilizations rise and fall, entire races sometimes disapear and most importantly magic and the way its used change all the time. there are bunch of settings where ancient magic was primitive, like more wild and dangerous. as time progresses races of the world find new ways to use magic. so yeah, those worlds arent frozen in time. they change and progress, however presence of force like magic and all sorts of supernatural phenomena means they will develop in quite different way than our own world.
  12. didnt see that J.E. Sawyer post before well, if this is done deal then i just hope you guys have some really, really good explanation for existence of mechanical firearms (if they are indeed mechanical and powered by gunpowder, instead of more more appropriate magic based "guns") in your high fantasy setting. and i really hope they are indeed very uncommon, hopefully unusable by protagonist or any party member.
  13. they could make it other way around. firearms could be used only by one remote nation or kingdom and they could be presented as like really slow and heavy wepons that are useless against skilled melee fighters and magic users. remember that british sounding foreign noble from jade empire? his firearm dealt solid dmg but it was super slow, you could mess with him with your magic and martial arts. firearms are actualy ridiculed in that world, they are basicaly useless. obsidian could do similar thing here. making them magic based, powered bu some charged magic crystal or spell instead of gunpow
  14. well i hope they wont go for GRRM level of bleak and depressing. im all for more realistic portrayal of medieval society and i know medieval europe was full of messed up stuff. but video games are suposed to be form of escapism, our own modern wold is depressing enough
  15. yeah most cRPGs use zombies and skeletons as a cannon fodder type enemies... i would like to see old school RPG where they are scary, repulsive and threatening as they should be
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