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  1. I just shared a folder with the save in dropbox with bugs@obsidian.net . I dont normally use Dropbox so I hope it works. Just a suggestion: As most saves seem to be under 2mb but above 1mb, wouldnt be better if the forum allows 2mb uploads for the users to report bugs?
  2. It may be something in the Old City then, as the saves were my party "works" are before exploring them too. Maybe its related to the stacking curse bug that dissapears when you sleep with food?
  3. Because I have little time I play sporadically now-days so I cant recall when the problem started. I SUSPECT the problems may have started 1) when I installed a patch or ad-on (critical role voices or the other) or 2) by some bugged quest, but what happened is that areas that I explored were covered (both map and in game) and gave me EXP like if I was exploring them from the first time. I ignored it as it was a minor thing. Sadly there were hints that some greater problem was behind it as at least 1 quest I did was"reset" to 0 again: By that time I had killed the mephit captain, but when I app
  4. I think the OP partially answered his question: 1) XP gain was better when the expansions came out (compared to vanilla) and 2) Yes, you still will reach XP-cap before the end of the game by playing all quests, that is 100% an intended design An IMHO if its not too early (as it was at the beginning) its a good thing: I remember how in Planescape: Torment you could got those awesome end-game spells and only cast them 1 or 2 times!!!! That was some full bull**** thing, specially if you didnt get pharaods sphere to lvl up FAR more than by normal gameplay and the ****ing shadows / or the
  5. While I understand that people hate uninformed boys/people that think that "katanas can cut though anything" I find equally dumb to hate "katanas" as weapons because "im sooo counter-culture/hate anime sooo much" or "katanas suck vs plate armor/whatever not relevant for their context". Katanas were amazing weapons in their cultural context and epoch, as much as longswords (or other weapons) in theirs. They all reflect many historical and cultural things of the civilizations that made them and shouldn't be discarded by the people or propaganda that modern times surround them.
  6. I have 3 melee characters, Main, Edér, Maneha (used to be Pallegina, will pick her up again) 4 melee if you count Itumaak, then I have 3 ranged Sagani, Aloth, Durance. Normal tactics is to catch their front with my 3 melees, while Durance buffs/debuffs. Aloth cast some CC and AoE. Sagani and Itumaak focus on ranged/casters. And I don't mind enemies using tactics and I would love to see some good tactics that isn't just rush everyone because of HP pool and numbers. If on any difficulty below PotD I need to have meta knowledge about who to bring for every map then no, I don't think the
  7. Maybe "arbitrary" was not the right word, as it indeed has a logic behind it. What I tried to convey is that "3 levels more" is not really intuitive for a new/average player to fully understand how all the spells will be affected and select the best option. (at least not without hovering for tooltips) That happens because as @Max Quest described some spells may benefit far more than others from 3 extra levels depending on multiclassing or how the spells mechanics work / are calculated. Selecting speciffically " "30%" + damage/healing", ""50%" less casting time" etc... solves that probl
  8. While I dont really dislike the "empowerment" of spells (it may be fun if numbers are correct), it seems how they will be "empowered" is arbitrary ("The effect may be more projectiles, a longer duration, more damage/healing, etc. A wizard could empower a Minoletta's Minor Missiles, adding missiles. A fighter could empower Vigorous Defense, increasing the bonuses.") and would make people need to remember both the effects of the normal spell + the new effects of the empowerment. I propose instead using 4 or 5 kinds of "metamagics" that can be selected to empower the spell. (For example: 1.st
  9. I prefer 6 because: - Lore: It means more companion time. When every companion I have in the party is interesting story-wise (like in Planescape:T) I want to play with ALL of them. I want to know how they will react to the games situations (like facing Ravel, or the Transcendent one), how their story's relate to some locations or situations and what they have to say about their comrades. - Experimentation: I may be wrong but many times we have some core npcs we like more (lore or gameplay-wise) that we don't want to change, having a "redundant" place lets you experiment alternating wit
  10. I just finished it too (university EATS my life/time) and I think the story is really good, FAR better than what Baldurs Gate had to offer in fact. The problem IMHO was that the core game needed more time and polish into how that story should be conveyed. Probably a thing related to time/money because both expansions really improve on that regard and are more fun to play because of it. I really hope to see a PoE2 in the future and as one of the original backers: it feels really good to see ones hope and trust rewarded.
  11. I too don't like the limited supplies: for me resting should be limited in a more rational and old school way: if you rest in the open / a dungeon you can -and probably will- be attacked. The chances would be adjusted by the amount of enemy's in the map and how near you are to them, but the risk should be permanent. Then map designers could have "protected places" (a hidden room, a sanctuary, a cave or whatever) where you could sleep with no problems like an Inn. Stronghold and enchantments may be underdeveloped, but they have potential to be fun systems. Customizing is rarely a bad thing.
  12. Note that I and at least 2 friends haven't finished the game because of time reasons. PoE is a long game and we study and work at the same time.
  13. Yes, the score. But That´s why reading comments is so important: Mass Effect 3 can appear as the most awesome of the trilogy by FAR if you didn't finished it, but almost every single comment warned you of that. Skyrim is a just above average game, but in the comments mods are noted and those are the reason it was so awesome. (Until Valve+Bethesda just murdered it for profit, but that's another topic) People need to read more .
  14. All this hipsterish "metacritic is bull****" thing, is starting to get on my nerves. Is metacritics criticss score bull****? Yes, totally. Is the user score totally bull****? Not really. Ofcs its not perfect and CAN be abused, but the score is just a little PART of what makes useful metacritic, the other (far more important) part being the comments. Just reading a couple + the score you can almost instantly have a good idea of how good the game is, if the score is trying to be manipulated by a playerbase, if the reactions are moderate or totally opposite, if the game is suited to o
  15. Well, it seems that my GOG library will be increasing.
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