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  1. Just ran into the exact same issue in 1.05. What a waste of 500 gold, and no apparent way to undo it without reloading an old save.
  2. I find it bizarre that the original poem (about an idiot adventurer accidentally having sex with a nonspecific "man" and killing himself in a comical way) is so offensive that it's worthy of outcry and censorship, yet it's apparently fine to change it to a joke implying his murder by an angry mob or suicide in capitulation thereto. I suppose, since we can infer that the mob consisted of both men and women (and perhaps even transexual men and women), that it's suitably inclusive and thereby renders the death of the subject funny, in contrast to the phantasmically transphobic original?
  3. Out of 73 updates, I think this was definitely the most fun to read (even though they've all be great). Apart from the terrific humor, the storywriting insight is of great interest to me.
  4. I am with the OP on Casivir and Elanee. They were horrible characters: boringly dry, self-righteous and generally unlikable. The "self-righteous" part I would have been okay with, but neither character ever developed in a way that made it even remotely interesting. Miranda in ME2 was vapid and silly. Drunken and/or Scottish-derivative dwarves as a genre staple need to be ... un-stapled. This includes Oghren, even though I liked the overall portrayal of dwarves in Dragon Age relative to, say, your typical D&D fare. Still, I'm hesitant to just sweepingly say, "No characters like X." As noted above, negative personality traits and so-called vices can still result in great characters. I don't mind being annoyed or pissed off, so long as the reason is a believable, relevant aspect of that character (e.g. Sten being a jerk), as opposed to something I merely regard as poor design or execution (e.g. Neeska's dialogue -- dear gods, please strike her down). Beyond that, I suppose I'm not a big fan of tropes when it feels like they're just filling in the blanks.
  5. "We?" You certainly aren't speaking for me. I love firearms in a fantasy setting, providing they exist in a balanced, logical manner. There are extremes to which you might rightly apply such thinking. For instance, if one were to label something "high fantasy" but then unveil a combat system centered around laser cannons and orbital bombardments from capital ships, then you might be justified in raising an eyebrow. But we aren't talking about lasers and spaceships. We're talking about guns, probably primitive guns. Can you offer a single rational reason as to why they should not be included? In my view, a setting that features a time of technological crossover is far more interesting than traditional, by-the-numbers high fantasy. On that note, from what basis are you assuming this game need adhere strictly to high fantasy tropes? Unrelenting devotion to the gospel of "These things have no place in high fantasy," is a mind-set that almost inevitably leads to stagnation. Asserting a preference is one thing, but threatening to withdraw your pledge if the dev includes firearms is a bit of overkill, no? Give them a chance. $0.02.
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