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  1. Aside from no good news for 16:10 users (same here, my laptop is running on 1280x800, and this seems to be one of the most common resolutions where I live), I loved the update. IWD2-like interface, damage types, combat mechanics, EQUIPMENT - oh God, this game is going to be great.
  2. Woah, easy... The idea behind Kickstarter is I can pledge as much as I want, because I want to help the company with how much I can and want. Right? The minimum pledge option is 1$, so please, don't tell me to not pledge at all, if I can't afford a particular amount higher than that. I don't think pledging less equals liking the idea less or anything like that, the world is not that simple. Also, I didn't even know about the benefits Infinitron mentioned.
  3. Probably you're right, though it sucks a bit, I hoped they would allow PayPal payments a bit earlier. Oh well, if they don't reopen it, they probably will just get 5$ more from each PayPal'er that shared my concern. I don't think 5$ would discourage us that much from helping them make our (and their) dream come true. Anyway, I sincerely hope they will add a few slots for people like me. It's kickstarting, after all, we're volunteering.
  4. Totally agree. I love Kovacs' unique style the most, and knowing the game's art style will be somewhat similar to IWD, BG and P:T, having them on board would be more than welcome.
  5. First of all - THANK YOU! As I was reading about Project Eternity, tears of joy were literally filling my eyes - for the past years I haven't find a single single-player game truly worth waiting for. And now, here it is. Now, to the point. I wanted to pledge 20$ and get the "omg first" achievement, but I found out PayPal was unavailable. Unfortunately, due to the limits on my credit card I'm currently unable to pay online, and I had to helplessly watch the number of available 20$ "slots" melt, as I was waiting for the PayPal option to be opened... Last time I refreshed the Kickstarter page, there were 2 (!) slots left. One "F5" later, and it is sold-out (even though you lifted the limit). Would you please add a few thousand additional 20$ "slots" as soon as the PayPal payments are allowed? You could even make them PayPal exclusive, so that they are claimed by those who really were just waiting for PayPal option to be enabled. PS I'm sorry, if the topic has already been brought up. I know many people were asking for PayPal options, but I couldn't find any topic concerning this particular pledge option.
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