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  1. The boat is certainly quite small compared to the gate. But are the bushes in front of the bridge gigantic? The characters are probably 1.5 to 2 times larger than the campfire across the river. And I certainly hope that they widen the angle. at least a few tens of degrees.
  2. It does look great. But isn't the angle a bit too low and the area too small for an isometric game? It seems more like a screenshot from a point-and-click adventure game.
  3. Why not waste a turn when switching grimoires rather than a cooldown? AND, I really want to be able to cast whatever spell I want from whatever level. Why limit the player to a limited amount of spells from one level?
  4. Crafting and enchanting was "what I wished not to see" from the bottom of my heart. Regretfully they come 100,000$ earlier than the barbarian and the cipher.
  5. My wording was bit off. I was talking about the other two and not the ranger. I happen to like that one (although it's not as striking an art style as IWD).
  6. Yeah. Ad I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Icewind Dale was inspirational for PE'S art. I haven't seen any IWD quality art so far.
  7. If someone's uncomfortable on the chest area, you would probably magnify the chest part rather than giving it the shape of female breasts. Not to mention her breasts would have to be as large as watermelons.
  8. I dislike everything about DA's magic system. That includes descriptions.
  9. After this update, which is the strawberry on the cake after seeing the concept art of the npc generic-male-fighter-with-generic-name, I probably won't increase my pledge.
  10. If they had an interesting enough stretch goal and I thought that reaching it would be quite important for the game's quality, then I guess I'd pledge some more. Localization, translation to MULTI 3, MULTI 5, MULTI X is not among these goals. Or if they gave some more specific information regarding the game that pleases me; more details about the universe, playable classes, game mechanics etc. But frankly, I'm not very interested in the pledge rewards except the high end ones which I can't afford.
  11. Haven't yet seen an engine that's as beautiful and comfortable as IE. But if IE were to be used again in any game, high resolution is a must.
  12. 21 years of age. Favorite rpgs in particular order: Planescape: Torment Mask of the Betrayer KotOR 2
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