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  1. Large multi layered non linear dungeons would be absolutely wonderful similar to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Though I suppose it is likely it might not be possible due to budget concerns, would be nice for a stretch goal though.
  2. While being able to avoid combat through diplomacy generally is a good thing, there probably should be situations were it would be impossible or illogical for it to work. Let's see how it turns out. Is it possible to completely avoid combat in Project Eternity?
  3. Another thread on this, did the entire modern Bioware fanbase migrate here? There really is nothing wrong about including homosexual or trans or what ever else people keep whining about in god knows how many threads, if it makes sense in the setting and adds something interesting. However all these threads are purely a lot whining of their inclusion merely for the sake of inclusion which would have a quite a detrimental effect on game quality, and would add nothing of value what so ever.
  4. Poll is ridiculously biased in assuming that the reader would want romances in a game in the first place. Sure they may be optional but ultimately they do take resources and development time that could be used to create something actually worth while for the game. In any game that has had them like in Biowares horrible creations they are very much cringe worthy and childish every one of them. If you want Romance go outside and meet people.
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