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  1. I have to admit I'm not a fan of constant nerfs in a single-player game (this isn't an MMO and I don't think it should be treated as such), but whatever - good thing I managed to finish my PotD playthrough before the 1.05 nerfbat hit.
  2. I have to agree - it's definitely pretty difficult to tell at a glance what's going on in spell-heavy battles. Making selection circles more prominent would go a long way towards improving things, as would an option to tone down the flashiness of spell effects.
  3. Personally I think Obsidian's resources might be better spent on making more content, but a voice pack isn't a completely new/untested concept. Don't know how profitable that was, though - probably not really.
  4. If you're looking to invent swear words, the grunt work has already been done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5q3TG5yCG0
  5. Okay, I got all the companions and here's their skill spending at the level I got them. I'm listing how many points they've spent, so for instance 6 points spent = the companions' skill is at level 3 + bonuses. Eder has spent 6 points on Athletics at level 2. Aloth has spent 6 points on Lore at level 2. Durance has spent 6 points on Mechanics at level 2. Kana has spent 3 on stealth, 6 on lore, 3 unused points at level 3. Sagani has spent 3 on stealth, 6 on survival, 3 unused points at level 3. Hiravias has spent 3 on lore, 15 on survival at level 4. Pallegina has spent 15 on Athletic
  6. Yeah, I don't know whether this is intended, but it would definitely be more useful if the statistics didn't reset when leaving/rejoining.
  7. Cheers, bro! I'll try to remember to post the skills here for future reference when I get access to all the companions.
  8. Good stuff, thanks for compiling this information! There's probably a typo in the quoted part - Durance has the Bear's Endurance talent (at least mine has it, I got him at level 2). Any chance you could post their starting skills as well - in particular, how much they'd spent on their skills by the time you got them, in addition to the bonuses? I just started the game and this is what I've got thus far: Eder has spent 6 points on Athletics at level 2. Aloth has spent 6 points on Lore at level 2. Durance has spent 6 points on Mechanics at level 2.
  9. Curious about this as well (I also backed the KS at the physical box level). Granted, the $15 difference isn't a huge problem, but it's still pretty lame if new backers are getting a better deal than those who have supported the project since the start of the Kickstarter.
  10. I don't actually know how much good reviews cost - however I guess it's not cheap and this recent one, for example, set Microsoft back at least 6 figures: So unless bribing reviewers is much cheaper than I think, I don't believe Obsidian can really afford it. On the other hand I'm not sure it's absolutely necessary, either - sure, a good Metacritic score helps, but it's perfectly viable to sell a lot of games without mainstream media coverage as well. One just needs to make a genuinely good game and have the players advertise it through word of mouth - this approach has worked well
  11. There's been a very good interview with MCA posted recently: http://www.gameranx....oject-eternity/ One quote in particular is relevant to the topic of this thread: Picture not by me:
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