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  1. Today I was lost in thought while making dinner and ended up making around 4 kilos (~8 pounds, I think?) worth of macaroni casserole. WHOOPS. Good thing I have a freezer. Otherwise it'd be casserole day every day for... I shudder to imagine how long.
  2. So nearly at 3.2M and with two days to go? I'm getting rather hopeful about hitting the 3.5M goal now!
  3. I decided to lower my Kickstarter pledge to $8. Why? ... Because I wanted to switch to Paypal, on which I just donated $180. Take my dosh directly, Obsidian! Take it like the awesome devs you are!
  4. Upgraded my pledge from $168 to $181. I doubt I can go higher than that... though I am severely tempted. Decisions, decisions. :D
  5. It was a tough job to refrain from instantly scrolling down to see the screenshot, but reading through the update carefully and attentively was well worth it. I can't stop smiling.
  6. Aw shucks. I guess I really can't resist anymore. Time to upgrade my $20 pledge all the way up to $140 once I get my pay on Friday! Paladins and chanters and George Ziets, oh my!
  7. Armour should look reasonably the same no matter which gender it is worn on. If boobplate there be, let it stay the same shape no matter who it is on. See the following picture for reference. Would make for an amusing easter egg item at the very least, I think.
  8. Whoa, this thread has exploded since last I looked at it. I upped my pledge as well. I would be... honoured to assume the title of "Ne'er-do-well of the Obsidian Order".
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