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  1. But then again, elves are humans with pointy ears, orcs with greenskin and so on. So how about a cRPG in which you play as a insect or somekinda non-humanoid breed?
  2. Religious reptilemen inspired by aztecs, maori-like warriors or somekinda mythological giants would sound nice.
  3. Story. It makes the game much more memorable. But that doesn't mean that one has to dumb down the gameplay.
  4. Obsidian is about to make a project from lost art of the CRPG-games, and people most concerning thing about the game is romance, sex and boobplates?
  5. These forums really makes me sad some times. Hopefully Obsidian isn't reading and keeps just working on their own.
  6. Only humanoid-like playable races please. I don't think running around as a demonoid or aracnoid in "serious society" would end up that nicely.
  7. I vote for somekinda noble savage, like a tuxedo wearing viking or something. Ofc not the generic viking drinking beer and smacking skulls. But like some half-undead Skeletor (Draugr is btw scandinavian myth, not some Skyrim thing) or some other odd race viking wearing monocle.
  8. Hmm, yes maybe. Just keep them as old gunpowder type muskets; slow to reload, inaccurate but still viable in some situtations.
  9. Keep killing and violence in the games, keep sex and romance in the real life.
  10. Don't care if there's player house in the game if I still can make storage for my equipments wherever I want.
  11. None of the above. If I want romance, I'll go date a girl in real life.
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