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  1. When you interact with the scarf in the dungeon and Lumdala confronts you, when the party moves onto the stage, ranger pets are not moved with them, putting them directly in the middle of a group of enemies.
  2. I enchanted the White Crest armor with Shock-proofing, and it's suppressing the on-kill DR bonus from the Tempered Helm. Judging from 'Tempered Helm will not be suppressed by Quality mods' in the 3.02 changelog, I imagine this is a bug. Screenshots: EDIT: Also, I imagine the -5 to Deflection shouldn't be suppressed either.
  3. You can still get fatigue from scripted interactions with a low Athletics score (such as jumping over a pit), I believe.
  4. Bump. Hope this is looked at before I really get into my Priest of Eothas playthrough.
  5. The description says that Hope Eternal is supposed to reduce the duration of Frightened and Terrified effects, but the tootltip says, "Friendly Target: +10 Frightened, Terrified Duration", implying it's actually doing the opposite of what is intended. I have yet to actually test it though, as I have not run into any enemies that use Frightened or Terrified afflictions yet, so it's also possible that this is just a U.I. bug.
  6. Hastening Exhortation was changed in Patch 1.06 to be selectable at 9th level. It's in the patch notes.
  7. This gave me an idea: make Constitution the only defense against the 'Raw' damage type.
  8. It's in the Options menu, under the Game tab I believe.
  9. Darren posted in the comments of the 1.04 changelog that the patch was delayed to "early this week" due to some missing staff last week, so expect it to drop at any moment.
  10. As long as entering romantic relationships with party members has benefits and drawbacks with regards to the plotline, I'm all for it. My biggest gripe with romances in RPGs these days is how disconnected they are from the rest of the game; they're basically just long, drawn-out sidequests for often times little tangible benefit and perhaps a PG-13 sex-scene at the conclusion of the arc.
  11. I don't think we're really supposed to get anything out of it; it's so early in development that even the developers don't know exactly what it will become in the finished product.
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