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  1. Ran into this on the first battle. My rouge companion fell and after combat (party won) while her icon shows that she's recovered, and she is "occupying" a slot and moving with the party, she is invisible. I can move her around but her character avatar is just not there. Going to try reloading and see if this happens again, (recording this time so I'll have a vid record)
  2. Hi there, was pointed out to come here and scream at the top of my lungs (or make some other poor soul do so before I kill him / her / it) for my missing "Green K" badge.
  3. Whooo! Been awhile since I here, been reading this thread and I think it needs to be said again, the Original Idea for the $8 bucks came about during the original Kick Starter run, when the contributions were slowing slightly and we all wanted to see the next milestone hit. A few of us joked that if we all chipped in a buck or two, we'd easily pad maybe $50,000, then someone suggested $8 because the number 8 looked like the symbol for Infinity (Eternity) and that was it. It was a *purely* voluntary contribution, with no expectation for anything other than to see the Kick-Starter contribut
  4. Hi guys. Just popped in to say hi to all our new comers. Now that KS is done, I should be visiting here more often. That is when I can stop playing Xcom. That game is Addictive!
  5. Heh. My wife gave me the "... it's your money... " line that really said "not if you want to sleep in the same bed with me.." and I guess it was too much to expect her and the kids to eat Ramen and Bacon a month and forgo our usual $1500 per month grocery allowance Too bad though, itvwoit would have been nice to get that NPC tier.
  6. Hey, Nikolokulos! Love your Avatar. Adventures of Groo is one of my favorite comic of all time. Seen the others on?
  7. Yeah, thanks to all for making PE the best funded Kick Starter. Kudos to the OE guys and gals. ThisThis kick starter says "we trust you." I think for most, this is not vocalized, or even thought of, as they put in their pledge, but it's there none the less. OE, be worthy of that trust.
  8. 2,000,000 goal reached. We have houses people. As for what or how the order would be represented in game, it would be nice if we are benevolent and not malevolent as we DID help PE and thus it should be reflected as such in game. Perhaps as a secret order that the PC runs into early in game and at various times into his or her adventure and gets help just when its sorely needed. Or .... If we are going to feature Harlots, poultry inspectors, chicken wranglers as well as warmasters, assassins, and .. ahem!...a Fallen Archon, I can't but help think of Jarred's Adventuring Party in NW
  9. If its BG2 sytle romances where character stories, personalities, histories and well, emotions are explored and SEX isn't the be all end all and your partner reverts back to "who are you again?" mode, YES. If is the more recent "lets get naked and on!" before the night of battle. bang slam, who are you again?" types of romances. No.
  10. What is not clear is whether or not you have a limited pool of points or level cap. Level capping for example, would force a player to choose and choose well his or her point allocation. If there is no level cap nor point pool cap, it would be interesting to see just how that will work out.
  11. As long as we get to do this : Seriously. I see anyone in a chainmail bikini (unless its my companion AND I GAVE HER ONE) I'll probably kill her. Hey, always wanted to play as a serial killer.
  12. Its all about the illusion of choice. Baldur's (1+2), Planescape and yes, Fallout, all gave you the illusion of choice. The player felt that their choices mattered and THAT IS WHAT REALLY counts. The story itself can be rail-roaded but as long as the player doesn't feel that he or she is forced into a choice, didn't feel that choice taken away from him or her like that "game which should not be mentioned" the player will leave feeling satisfied. Obsidian has done it before. Just don't kill our companions by droping a mountain on top of them and leaving the player in a "left for d
  13. Archon Silvarian Stormraven, or I used to be, now I'm just a FALLEN ARCHON, the gods frown on immortals who partake the mortal pleasures of the flesh and debauchery. Well some gods at least. Archon Stormraven : The Obsidian Order's Fallen Archon
  14. Going in house. Not only is that music from the trailer sounds AWESOME, inhouse would hopefully save cost, which = more cash resource for CONTENT. Not that music isn't, since bad music would suck indeed but judging from that trailer, I think Mr Bell will wow us.
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