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  1. Make magic use up stamina (AND soulpower or w/e replaces mana), heavy armor reduces stamina regeneration. BING BANG BOOM done.
  2. Also! A wound system. Nobody with 1 hp should realistically be able to run. They should be slow in walking and fighting.
  3. Agreed. Seems easy enough not to have the game have to turn on 'combat mode' for combat.
  4. Classes being replaced with a system where anyone can specialize in any small selection of skills(At least at the beginning, you can then specialize a little in a lot of skills or a lot in a few skills) from a non linear, no levels skill system.
  5. You're not taking it far enough. The best armor should be intentionally ugly. But for serious, personally I think it'd be a nice bonus feature, but not necessary. I didn't need it in New Vegas, or any rpg that didn't have it for that matter.
  6. Those aren't new. Orcs, Orks, Goblins and even trolls, tieflings, gnomes, demons, ugh. . most races in most fantasy games I've seen yet have been mostly very boring. Not necessarily the characters themselves but the race and it's history has always been pretty dull. It has never come close to being as crazy, diverse and interesting as our real world history. Just take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-mkVSasZIM Like in that blog post Sawyer made about that Black Hound game: http://twofoldsilenc...s-deal-was.html in this he talks about how interesting factions and pe
  7. When I can't sleep at night I start to conjur up fictitious games in my mind. How about a game with the same visceral combat as Diablo 2, that gives you that satisfaction to see enemies flinch, quiver, and roll around in their blood when they die? It would feature first person combat to make it as immersive as possible. With care taken to lessen such a view's restrictions. (FOV, visible feet etc) Melee weapons shouldn't be restricted to a single generic attack but the left mouse button would have the character swing it from left to right or right to left, the right mouse button would swing it
  8. A reputation system, skill checks in dialogue and a speech skill and intelligence, perception, charisma stats are what I'd like to see.
  9. I really don't like classes, I prefer a more realistic system. It really hampers the uniqueness of characters when they can only have certain combinations of abilities and weapons. I wish Obsidian were a bit more ambitious than this. Even if the classes were simply named: Melee, Ranged, Magic, Support and the like that's still a huge restriction. What if I wanted to be an archer who heals and have an awesome backstory in my head for that? What if I want to be a person who uses swords and bows, a pacifist or a person who uses shields and magic, or just his fists? The abilities and equipment of
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