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  1. And here I thought this was another complaining thread... :D But I agree wholeheartedly! I want to read the novella ASAP!
  2. When it came to alignment, this is one thing I loved about Dragon Age: Origins and the Witcher 2. There was no meter to keep track of your "good" and "evil" choices. I definitely don't want it to be tracked on some alignment bar and then once I get enough good/evil points, some of my abilities get some sort of boost depending on which way I went. That was fun at first but I don't want to feel like I'm missing something just because I stayed relatively neutral. No alignment bar, no stat boosts nor clear cut "good" or "evil" choices.
  3. I'd like to be a more intelligent and calm villain for once :D Still evil, but not killing everything.
  4. Well I hope you guys are happy I WAS going to wait a few more days to pledge my $140..... Sorry, my $148 I am Shadow501, Skald of the Obsidian Order of Eternity!
  5. I'd say yes, short stories to show us a glimpse of the world would be cool. I would say to avert using funding for this to go to the fanbase and see what they write... But that would be choosing from a bin of wildcards. Maybe a short story writing contest once enough information is released? Of course this would be in the future, more toward the release of the game.
  6. I'd be in favor of a more personal background, whether it's a unique starting area or just a different perspective in the same city. I'd be happy with either since both bring in variety.
  7. I think a mixture of both would be good. Definitely focus more on expansion packs that add new areas or stoyrlines, but still have minor DLC (i.e. cosmetics, weapons, armor, etc.) available for those who want it. Basically make DLC more on the optional side.
  8. This is a prime example of what I'd like to see with archetype races like the elves. Reminds me of Dragon Age's Elves--but only with the fact of most elves are slaves/oppressed by humans while others live free. But that's where it ends. The above quote expands upon the simple "Elves are slaves to humans" and gives a familiar theme a breathe of fresh air. If elves and dwarves are in PE, I'd like to see a new twist on them, like above and other examples in this thread. Also the idea of humans or another race "making" a brand new species is interesting. I've thought up of my own twist on elves, making them more hierarchial based on what zodiac sign they are born under. This determines what class they are in society and what general career they are forced to pursue. Another example of something familar but new. Despite my support for subverted/new twists on old cliches, I'd also like to see something completely brand new, or at least not seen often. The idea of having your standard races in a fantasy setting inspired me to think of a setting where there are no elves, dwarves or humans. Instead the main races are birdmen, demonic humanoids, lizardmen and wisps. But with the complete lack of familiar faces this may not make the audience pleased. I'm sure Obsidian wants to make this game fun for everyone, so that it why I voted for: "I don't dislike traditional races, but I'd like something new." But let me expand on that. If there are traditional races, I'd enjoy new twists on them and give them their own identity in PE. I think the best option would be a mix of elves/dwarves with a new spin plus non-traditional races.
  9. Considering myself a creative writer, I'd love to see a short story or something based on Project Eternity. It doesn't even have to be an extensive tale, I'd be happy with just a fragment of what the world is like. Something to sink our teeth in.
  10. I think the fancy outlining of the map definitely makes me peeved since it covers the names of locations. As for the names themselves, yes some of them are a tad bland but I'm sure Obsidian will expand and/or make them better. But I hope the cloth map we get won't have that obstructive outline!
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