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  1. I'm missing the Kickstarter badge too EDIT: Thank you!
  2. https://eternity.obsidian.net/backer/index go there and finalize your pledge Ok, thank you. But It seems I lack a Badge EDIT: the kickstarter badge appears in my profile but isn't showed here.
  3. Looting precious stuff and powerful artifacts/weapons is a more than adequate as a reward for combat. Having better equipment and weapons already means being stronger in battle.
  4. This: The House of Zebulon is a small stone cube, painted with a door and windows. When the owner desires, he may cause a doorway to appear. Stepping through this doorway carries the person and anyone or anything with him inside the cube to a small apartment of six rooms. Here the person may stay as long as he wants. He may leave the house at any time by stepping through the same door. Once a week, he may project the doorway to any location he is familiar with as in the spell Teleport"
  5. I'd like a balanced combination of the last three options (Torment + Fallout/Darklands + Ultima)
  6. I have nothing against it, unless firearms should be included on purpose to satisfy this request
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