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  1. Damn I thought I might be the second largest donator. Fluffle, you had to pay $5000 to get the original Pillars of Eternity Watcher badge. I guess it is the same for Deadfire. I hope you can keep it. It is well deserved.
  2. At this point it should be mentioned, that every wholehearted pirate needs at least one ass-kicking boot, made of Xaurip or Stelgaer-leather, soaked with saltwater, rum, blood and immorality.
  3. Congratulations everybody! Can't wait to finally meet the Black Isle Bastards ingame. It will be fun. Only one question remains ... mysterious stranger, who are you? I'd like to give special thanks to Fluffle for his memorable initiative and thank you to all involved, too.
  4. All right. To those, who are still on the fence (or should I say on the pier): this might be your last chance to participate in this epic, first ever, crewfunding within a crowdfunding. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to avoid being a landlubber of eternity :D There is still plenty of rum aboard. Well, okay its not. But we are going to rob some very soon (HINT). AAAR! @Aarik D best Community Manager ever! Thanks a lot!
  5. A few years after the PoE-Kickstarter: most Europeans still don't have a credit card. No credit card -> no Stripe -> no Fig -> no signed collectors edition.
  6. Same here. I want another signed collectors edition. Let it happen! :D
  7. Got mine today as well (Germany). Just a little dent on the backside of the box, but still in a very good conditon. Way better than I expected, considering the long journey. Iam very happy PS: I got a different drawing on the signed case. Very nice detail
  8. amazon.de recently changed their estimated date of delivery for the offical game guide to 5-8 weeks.
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