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  1. Hello! Thanks for your very kind words. We're looking into it now, stay tuned!
  2. Heyblm_is_your_friend. First off, sincere apologies for taking so long to respond to this. I know you've been working with our support team , and they've done a great job communicating with me about this. The failure is on me. That audio sure does look distorted to me as well. I can't explain why that's the case, but I have the source files here and this is what they look like: I will work with our support folks to see about getting this resolved, please look for a response from them.
  3. I *might* be able to for next patch. Depends on if I have the right conditional available to me so I can script it in.
  4. Hi there. The issues you describe of poe1 music playing everywhere should be resolved now. Once the next patch comes out please take a listen. Note that night music will not play until the current district music is over, and day music will not play until the night music is over.
  5. @Phenomenum Seems reasonable. Thank you very much for taking the time to make these suggestions. I will try to integrate these changes, but it might need to wait until the next patch. It's getting very late for me to modify data in this way for this next patch (this modifies more than just Wwise data, which gets slightly riskier considering we're locking the patch imminently) , but next patch will be much safer and I'll look into doing this.
  6. I hear you. Ok if there's another piece from Pillars 1 or 2/White March you guys prefer for night music sound off. It's got to be today or tomorrow my time though to ensure it gets into the build. Two provisos - I reserve the right to decline a suggestion based on music placement elsewhere in the game, AND new music is off the table for now unfortunately
  7. Guys, I definitely appreciate all the feedback. I'm just not sure I have the availability to write new music for night time right now. Take a listen to the next patch, see the improvement to transitions. Who knows, maybe the use of encampment will grow on you over time now that it works properly.
  8. Hey guys, everything has been fixed and will hopefully launch in the next patch. I wasn't handling certain transitions but it's all resolved now. Hang tight!
  9. Understood. The indoor thing was intentional. I think once #2 is fixed, #1 and 3 will be less aggravating. (hopefully?)
  10. My pleasure, really. We worked hard on this game for you guys. We know we can't make everything perfect, but we will try our best to keep an open mind!
  11. Just wanted to let you folks know that we're doing the following: Night music in all Neketaka districts except for dungeons and inns, and some wilderness areas. It will be two pieces of music, one for towns, one for wilderness areas Boss music for all boss encounters Reactive music turned off by default, but optionally turned on if you so wish. Couple notes to set expectations. We will be re-purposing music from Pillars 1 for the music above. I know that this will likely disappoint some, but my current workload won't allow for anything more than this. That said, I really think it will
  12. If you guys want I can see if we can make it so soundtrack reactivity is an option that you can turn on and off. Honestly, I think this would address a lot of the feedback folks have.
  13. No, never to that degree of reactivity, but it would be pretty cool if we could pull that off. It all boils down to time of course, there was so much to accomplish during this project.
  14. One thing I think a lot of folks miss out on is the fact that ambient music is reactive, especially in Neketaka. If you ever want to hear what the "full" piece of music is for a given district, just idle in a conversation for 5 minutes and listen. It'll be very different than what you hear just exploring!
  15. Wow, that was quick!To your question: Yes and no. There were certainly different music "pairs" for day/night, but some of them repeated in other areas. Examples for outdoor: - Cloackwood forest (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=1615s - Night in the cloakwood: (Night): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=1813s ---------------- - Exploring the plains (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=633s - Night on the plains (Night): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=770s Examples for cities: - Daytime in the slums (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80tmfVcQCo&a
  16. @EdwinOdesseiron thanks for your kind words words and your support! Out of curiosity does Baldur's Gate have the same night time music everywhere? Also, @house2fly, if we played The Watcher Prevails only during boss fights, would that be a step in the right direction?
  17. Nice! Glad you like it Truth be told I was skeptical that people would like it, but I'm glad I was wrong. It felt almost like an intermittent song from a pirate movie. One you might hear between scenes in a film with lots of ale clinking and swinging from ropes. I would love to have some additional similar tracks for one of the future DLCs. In particular, I thought a good place to have some kind of shipboard atmospheric track or sound effects would be during the storm events on the overworld map. All around very good job with the music this go around, it is a massive improvement over
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