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  1. Hi Justin, The wait is fine, you guys are busy making new content, and I hope to collect your new music in the future! I have several e-mails over the last months from your colleague Samuel in support department, thank you all for paying attention to this. Re-mastering work that is already released and on market is a big ask, but I think this music is superb and deserves special care to preserve it for future generations! Maybe some day we can see a re-release of remastered audio? Thanks again, from your fan Kyle
  2. Justin's music is really incredible, in my personal opinion some of the greatest ever written for games. I really believe that. I am a huge fan of Pathfinder Adventures and Pillars of Eternity soundtracks. So I bought POE Champion Edition for the soundtrack in FLAC, and not very happy at all: the sound is very distorted. I checked in my audio program and you can see the waveform is severely clipped (screenshot attached from Eora main theme) I asked steam for a refund because of this but they won't do it. Can Obsidian please re-release the audio without this distortion? Or can
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