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  1. It turns out that this bug doesn't just effect generic NPCs, but seemingly all NPCs. Just had Anamenfath Bethwl take a random swing at me.
  2. It also shows a glaring issue with the attribute system, with how it's practically impossible to create a well spoken rogue MC (which is probably my most commonly played character in RPGs) without seriously gimping their combat ability. Most locked dialogue options seem to require resolve or intellect, both of which are of very limited use to rogues. I've only come across a few strength checks, with them being very aggressive, brash options as one would imagine. I think I've come across a dexterity check once (during a quest for The Dozens)...maybe twice. Perception has been a bit more common, but not nearly as common as Resolve. I was expecting less reliance on extremely high attribute checks after it was said that they weren't always the best choices, but I've run into several quests where they're required to avoid the "kill everyone" option. I've even consulted the official guide to see if I was missing some sort of alternative resolution, but I can't think of any cases in which I've missed anything.
  3. So I was doing the quest "Sacrificial Bloodlines" yesterday and was not content with simply killing Simoc after giving him the poison, nor did I want to sacrifice the child for him. Unfortunately for me, I lacked the intelligence & resolve necessary for the dialogue options, even with buffs (being a rogue). After looking over my options, I realized I could use the spell "Crowns of the Faithful" to give myself a ridiculous buff, allowing me to select the proper dialogue choices. The problem was it could only be used in combat. My solution was to go into a nearby house in Elms' Reach, kill the generic NPC tribesman and tribeswoman inside, then cast the spell before combat dropped. After doing this I was able to reach Simoc on time to complete the quest. Unfortunately, this seems to have caused an odd bug where generic NPCs (not just tribesmen/tribeswomen, but even a Vanguard Soldier in my stronghold) will engage in combat with my party if I walk right next to them. This only happens if I'm literally rubbing against their hitbox, thankfully. Unfortunately, it does require me to pay a bit more attention to where I'm moving so that I don't accidently start a fight with all of Twin Elms for example.
  4. I'm currently in Act 3 and I'm having difficulty getting through Durance's conversations as well. I believe that when I was discussing the last vision with him, that I accidently asked about the symbols as opposed to mentioning how they faded (which was an option at the time). I do not recall if I was given the option of mentioning how they faded afterwards, though I can't seem to find anything about it in his dialogue now. I can just ask him about what the symbols mean. I have since gone through (what I believe to be) all of his (non race/class/god specific) dialogue at this point, having already had the conversation with Magran. I was able to press him quite a bit in the conversation after speaking to Magran, though even with all of that effort (through multiple attempts), I'm still left with eventually choosing "I'm not certain - it's just a feeling I have.". Am I supposed to be able to get through this, or is this just another dead end for now? Copy of my savegame: https://mega.co.nz/#!xdMxkTZY!_VFMKtnBw4ucvg_wfIB6WWTHTDlEX24USCbZFdzQiaQ edit: For the record, I applied the above fix and tried to find some new dialogue (without luck), though I'm not sure if that was even meant to fix the issue I'm having.
  5. Managed to win the fight but had half of my party maimed (thankfully I'm not playing on expert) after it ended.
  6. It's a bit too early to be doing that, I don't see any point of requesting them to add a game which is at least a year and a half away.
  7. I'd rather wait the extra time for a full expansion pack which expands upon the game as opposed to just offering random sidequests as DLC.
  8. That is original concept art for Project Eternity. Are there still plans to include guns and possibly other technology in the game or was it just an idea?
  9. I'd rather it not weigh anything; I'm all for having to manage your inventory but having currency take up space/weight is just a pain in the ass.
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