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  1. Same as you, I usually play with music low and sounds high - for me the real life sounds, in town, horses clopping/in markets, criers shouting their wares, in the countryside, a high pass, eerily blowing down evil winds, that's what I like. Reason, ambient music is real, a soundtrack for me just gets grating after a while.
  2. Hi there, I kind of agree and disagree with this one, I think warriors and suchlike are expected to be clad in Dragon's armor or whatever by higher levels, other classes such as Monk/ Mage /Rogue rely on spells or skills to avoid and evade damage during combat. Afterall a warrior traditionally relies on brute strength to smash his enemies to pieces and needs armor to trade blows head-to-head.
  3. i think that crowdfunding games ie kickstarter could grow in popularity. For example, if in 2 years time Project eternity is made and its (of course) excellent and brings in a whole load more people and makes 2 million sales. The if Obsidian then announced they were going to make another RPG based on a pirate theme/ancient rome/alien world then the next kickstarter project might well bring in more people and pledges, so it could make $10 million dollars. I was new to this, and I really think it was an excellent idea to cut out the publisher on this one.
  4. I think it would be cool to disallow a character to carry more than 1 type of the same weapon to increase realism, therefore it would make a character change weapons according to strategy, using a sword/mace/rapier/enchanted dagger. I have come to realise that having 5 swords of different powers in my backpack is kinda lame, I disagree with jackson though, I like finding a +3 sword that has a special power, like additional fire damage/etc. I also think being allowed to only have one type of weapon in yuor backpack would stop the endless pick up every weapon you can after combat and lug them around with you for hours/days until you find a store to sell them at. To stop this dynamic the creators could just increase gold/gem finds. I mean really, would a fighter carry around 100 kg of extra armor/weapons normally ?
  5. If it wasn't too expensive I'd love this option ! As you say, rather like Tiger Woods golf watching a hole in one, seeing your epic battle done in real time with all the characters moving/fighting in real time would be utterly GREAT !!! Devs - note this idea !!
  6. Great ideas here, clearly having 10 different strongholds isn't possible for Obsidian to do. I think one stronghold done well, with a whole load of quests/sise-quests associated with it would be great. I really liked the OP'S original ideas, that to build it up you have to do quests, clear the quarry, destroy the bandits, influence the locals, etc. And of course, it has to be optional, if you don't wanna have a stronhold then fine.
  7. Honestly, I'm gonna go for unreality, and say I want quest items to be highlighted in gold or something and once you pick them up you can't discard them until you use them. So yeah they should be 'weightless'. As for other things, I prefer a minimum of junk in the word, skyrim had too much 'fine cloth pants' 'old mug' etc, for me. Just give me gold, weapons.armor, potions (but not too many types!!!). Actually picking up too much stuff becomes annoying and you start spending ages of dropping this or that thing, so you can pick up this thing, it detracts from gamesplaying. All my own opinion of course.
  8. Hah ha..Demon King, glad to see you weren't a fan of Dragon's Age, actually I think I gave up at number one, the whole 3D run through rts combat blah blah left me cold. Skyrim was a lot better, never completed it but did put in 100 plus hours of enjoyment, so consider that value for money. But I CAN'T WAIT for a return to old style isometric partying with a view of your whole party and options to control your whole party in combat. I guess for a lot of us older gamers (I'm 42), we grew up with this. I still remember playing I think Might and magic (or something) in 1999, with this kick ass Monk, called Monki rather imaginatively, and some other great characters, and the thrill when Monki did an attack and hit like serveral times for D1-60 damage against multiple opponents. That is what i am looking forward to. Real combat and not just fevered slashing with a sword like in Skyrim/Dragon's Age.
  9. The team definetly said it was going to be a proper expansion (set of expansions!!!) coming out roughly 6 months after the original game. So I believe it will be a proper stand alone adventure/set of quests etc, with new areas and dungeons to explore, but with your high level characters to bring along to the party !! So expect some real mean ass baddies and monsters to defeat.
  10. I read some threads about potions being annoying and I agree in Skyrim it became ridiculous, sometimes I had 60 + potions in my inventory, one thing I really love is magic rings and it p****** me off that in games you can't wear more than one ring ! I have 10 fingers right ? I'm not saying allowing 10 magic rings is cool but at least let me have 2 !!!!! Rant over.
  11. Yeah - I had forgotten it is quite easy to make certain areas of the game off limits until you are a certain level with badass tatooed on your forehead. So, I guess they can use that. But, I still feel that random encounters should wind down as you get up a certain level. It's probably all about frequency, as stated nothing more annoying than being ambushed /encountered wild animals etc so many times you don't even want to walk anywhere. I also agree with Pshaw, that yes, it is great to meet previous dreaded foes when you are a high level assassin and destroy them with ease. But just not too often!
  12. Just a word on random encounters in the game world. I think it would be a good idea for most of these to stop once the main character reaches a certain level (ie:10), as there is nothing more annoying than getting attacked by suicidal rats or bears when you are a level 13 killing machine with your companions. Or change the encounters - make it like there is a bounty on your head and gangs of rival looters/pirates/adventurers meet up and attack you in the wilderness. Combat is more fun when challenging!
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