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  1. By "interesting" you mean awful, right? My memory of NWN2 OC is thankfully hazy, but from what I remember it took much of the challenge from the game - just click a button and suddenly everyone is healed and all spells and abilities are restored. Compare that to the MoTB where resting actually advances time 8 hours, something that is a problem because of the spirit hunger - now that is what I call interesting.
  2. A fellow Jagged Alliance fan? I definitely approve of this idea. And not only should spellcasting drain fatigue, but so should general physical exertion (combat in heavy armor, excessive encumbrance or special fighter abilities) and damage.
  3. Voted that no fantasy crpg was ever made with the combat system I want. Well, ToEE was closest, but I dislike the D&D combat system. My example of a good combat system would be JA2 1.13. Now if somebody would rework that to shift the focus from ranged to melee combat (like adding additional interrupts for opponent moving in / out of melee range and active defences like parrying and blocking), that is what I would call perfect. If I really can't have a faithful implementation of GURPS combat system in a crpg. On second question I voted fatigue based casting with possible physical penalties but without cooldowns. Though I'm not sure what "physical penalties" actually would be. And how is that option any different from mana without cooldowns options - it's basically the same thing with a different name. I don't think I need to explain how I voted in the last question, other than to state again my burning hatred for all things MMO.
  4. I'm not a fan of Vancian system (like many things in D&D it just doesn't make any sense to me). But neither am I a fan of cooldowns. So why not just use mana / fatigue system instead? It works fine for other pnp systems that don't use Vancian, so why can't it work here? Spells / abilities can then be balanced by how much mana they consume. And no mana potion chugging either - either they do not exist, are very rare, or have some serious side effect.
  5. Picked 4 because I prefer smaller parties. But if the NPC-s are good (and I mean PS:T or MoTB good), I'm OK with anything up to 6 characters.
  6. GURPS. But out of these choices, I suppose a system like SPECIAL would have to do. I would really prefer a system with no levels at all. Instead, completing quests earns you experience points that you can invest in skills, attributes and traits. And there has to enough meaningful choices of where to put experience points to make every character different - a pure mage must have different attributes, skills and traits then a fighter or a thief. This is one area where SPECIAL produced less then optimal results (it was way too easy to make a master of everything character), and where GURPS really shines. Oh, and one other thing I would really like to see is something like GURPS disadvantages - negative traits that you can pick at character creation that limit you character in some ways, but provide extra points to spend on other things. This is another thing that allows different characters to be unique.
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