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  1. That is just wonderful. Thank you. Hi Jay Whilst the item will be in game unfortunately it'll be in the expansion not the first instalment of the game due to my late submission on the backer tier (was absent for several months so couldn't complete it when necessary). This is the email I got recently: Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you were in the hospital and were unable to complete your survey by the deadline. We won't be able to incorporate your item in the main game but it will be included in the Expansion Pack. Thanks for your support, Matthew Sheets || QA Le
  2. For people who are concerned about spoilers, the Backer Beta will feature a number of areas near the middle of the game that do not have strong connections (if any) to the critical path. In addition to the characters you create, we are also likely to feature a roster of pre-made characters who are not companions. We don't have any interest in using the Backer Beta to give out story info. We'd much rather have people play it and throttle the mechanics, UI, etc. so we can make fixes and adjustments. Really pleased to hear this. Was going to not make use of the option to play the beta bec
  3. Hi Jay, apologies for the late reply in getting back to you, real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of valuable posting time! The item was the Shield (designed by Lord Crash) we chose to represent the Order. I've just submitted the design in the backer survey along with the description you penned, so hopefully that'll appear in game.
  4. Hi, don't seem to have my badges either. Thanks, one of them has appeared, just need my green Kickstarter badge now.
  5. Don't worry about it OldRPG - I actually donated $40 to the Order (enough for 5 titles) and have only used two up to now -- this would be the third if you'd like to keep your title. If not, I could have it removed for you. Just PM me. That's really nice of you SqueakyCat. Has anyone noticed JayDGee posting recently? Back in the day, during the initial fundraiser I got the pledge so we could create a unique Obsidian Order item in game, and if I recall we chose his idea for an inscription on a shield. Just wanted to see if he's still okay with that.
  6. Holy sheet that looks fantastic, far better than I'd hoped for. I'm not really a graphics whore but damn that's pretty. Wasn't expecting so much environmental motion.
  7. Just tried PMing him but he can't receive any more messages. Guess his inbox is full of shield requests! I'll try again later when he's found time to empty it.
  8. Apologies for the late reply, pesky real life getting in the way of valuable internet posting time - damn inconsiderate of it. The shield sounds like a good idea, and if nobody objects I'll ask them to do that. Has anyone got a picture of the exact design we want to use please?
  9. Hi Manalah Yeah, nobody has confirmed yet, they're still collating all the information, around 80,000 pledges or so probably takes a while to wade through. On Twitter it says they're going to be announcing their fulfilment site in the next few weeks, so presumably around about that time we'll all get our confirmation emails sent through.
  10. I've just spoken to Darren (Guildmaster from Obsidian) and nabbed the final Epic Item tier pledge that someone withdrew from at the last minute. Just wondered if the folks of the Order would like to help me choose and design the item? Not sure how this works - I'm assuming Obsidian get in touch with guidelines of what we can and can't do, but if anyone has any ideas or preferences then post 'em here and we can go by the consensus.
  11. Assuming you play Skyrim on PC (seeing as PE is a PC only game) then I believe you can modify the weight restriction by opening the console and entering the command "player.modav carryweight X". Obviously without the quotation marks, and where X is the value of weight you want your character to be able to carry. But for this game I'd rather not, this is an old school game where restrictions like that have to be taken into account when building characters. And bear in mind you'll have a group of characters to distribute the loot load between.
  12. Whilst it may be the end of the beginning, I'm really enjoying the atmosphere on these boards. It's been a really exciting month from the initial launch which was a fantastic surprise as I thought these games were gone for good, to seeing the scope of the game develop, and the for the most part good natured forum debates - considering this is the internet that last part is almost unheard of. Although I know the devs are going to be busy as hell from here on (well, after the end of KS party hangovers have subsided), but it'd be nice if they kept us in the loop a little on a semi-regular bas
  13. I'm beginning to feel that way myself too. Pretty fantastic they've already raised more than 3 times the amount they expected. I think someone posted earlier that it's the most successful KS project ever, which speaks volumes about how starved for this kind of game people have been.
  14. I missed anything that happened after dlux pulled their pledge, so everything I know is rather second hand. But I haven't heard anyone else suggest it was other something other than disagreeing with the game direction. What happened and did it have anything to do with other posters? No, he/she left specifically because of the game not being what they expected, nothing to do with any comments afterwards. All this really is a big fuss over not a lot.
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