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  1. Hey shanvhere, I'm sorry that you are running into this issue. I would suggest reloading a save prior to that to attempt to avoid this issue if possible. It has been a while since I worked on this project and I cannot remember if this was a known issue with a workaround or not. But what it sounds like is the game is entering a bad state and is potentially within the save you are loading before completing this quest. Please try that and if it does not correct - please let us know. Cheers, Tyler Davis
  2. When working on console titles (specifically Sony) you must have an age rating before you can submit for certification gold status. Microsoft will let you do optional pre-submissions without the age rating just to see what issues are present and must be resolved before release to the public. Meaning - we can't release the game until we have the ratings for all of the local regions the title will be release in. Also, you can't submit to the ESRB until you have all core content in the game so they can view and rate it.
  3. Pictures are worth a thousand words. This is a pic of the large limited edition next to the smaller ones.
  4. http://www.obsidian.net/jobs/open-positions This is our jobs postings page. If you feel you have the skills for any of these positions please feel free to apply! We're always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to help us make our games.
  5. Almost forgot!!! DayZ Stand alone is a HUGE title for me. I hope they bring it to consoles as well. I think the Xbox One and PS4 would receive that kind of game very well. It may be built for PC, but it would be ridiculously successful on that platform as a 20 dollar buy in XBLA/PSN.
  6. I have been a shooter fan since Goldeneye/Perfect Dark on the N64. I played some CS 1.6 on PC back in the day too, but always had a console in the house growing up. Right now I'm enjoying some Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4 on my Xbox One. Very much looking forward to Titanfall, The Division, Watch Dogs, the next Halo, and hopefully some Rainbow Six within the next few years or so. I've been dying slowly inside without my AAA anti-terrorism group. I miss Ding.
  7. This thread would be better off at a Square Enix website as they are the IP owners (I think still).
  8. On a random note, I just noticed your official title is the ass prod. *giggles* Really getting into the South Park mood there. If only we had audio recordings of some of the meetings for this project XD
  9. Yes. The Cartman figure is significantly bigger. I don't know the exact dimensions, but it is much bigger.
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