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  1. Communism is awful. It is the belief in the complete absence of spirit or morals. It is the same thing as capitalism except the numbers are evened out. There is more to life than numbers and figures and "quotas".
  2. A deal with Wizards of the Coast to make a 5th Edition DnD game would be legit.
  3. Yes, I started a new character and now I don't level grind on beginner foes which resulted in no loot drops but tougher foes so now I'm in the clear. Having fun so far, despite these minor issues and will probably even grab Treasures of the Sun.
  4. Looking forward to midnight launch.
  5. So I finally got around to playing it. It's great... If not for the fact that the level scaling kinda detracted from it. Feeling weaker as you level up is level scaling done incorrectly. Nice effort, though, very stable engine! Loading times were a breeze..
  6. lol@ the doubters on here, it's been about 16 hours and it's already at almost 500k
  7. I would think that would be obvious, which is why I'm not asking for Arcanum 2 from Obsidian crowd funder, merely a different yet similar Steampunk setting.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Will pick it up once I finally get some expendable cash (moving to another state is costing me a lot). I'll probably get it for the Xbox because I find that it's Obsidian games primarily that keep my Xbox from collecting dust..well, except their kickstarter project, that should be a PC only type of deal. )
  9. The problem is that those mechanics either evolved or died off - and it happened for a reason. I see no good reason to scorn modern game design or avoid wider audiences available today. If anything it should be preferable to update the mechanics and keep the best parts of older games intact - then they can appeal to both groups. Try the BIoware or Bethesda forums if that's how you look at the industry and it's progression. I request demand a game that blends the setting/atmosphere of Arcanum (Steampunk I guess the kids call it), complete with schematics and progression, with the a
  10. NWN 2: MOTB, NV, Alpha Protocol, and The Sith Lords were all exceptionally well games (in my book). Shall I pick this one up as well? I've been known to delve into dungeon crawlers occasionally.
  11. DEFINITELY a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment. Something darker, grittier, with equal or more dialogue.
  12. Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, and The Temple of Elemental Evil all belong to me now. I've some good things about most of them so I figured.
  13. Canadians always seem like such nice people. Don't fool yourself.
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