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  1. Suprisingly good: Fight Club - I expected nothing but a mindlessly angsty violence- and brutality-driven flick, featuring Brad Pitt's exposed chest. Needless to say I was stunned when I eventually saw it. Suprisingly bad: Well... a damn lot, but one of the worst memories is 'Blue Velvet'. God, what high expectations I had for this movie after hearing everyone and their mother endlessly praising it. What I got was an awfully boring piece of crap with a one dimensional main character played by a pasty, twelve year old jackass whose acting repertoire consisted of two oddly similar expressions. The 'Silence of the Lambs' sequel 'Hannibal' is a close 2nd on my list of disappointing movies.
  2. Thorndyke

    The Sims

    It won't. It's a SIMulation afterall, not an RPG. It's still quite entertaining though. I didn't feel like an observer at all, as Darque put it, since it's actually quite hard to climb up the different career ladders and still manage to fulfill all of your Sims' needs. I found this kind of gameplay to be surprisingly addictive and the fact that this game has a very dedicated modding community kept me interested in it for a very long time. What?
  3. Collage of Beauty By the way, I'm 22 years old.
  4. The problem is you don't, but you still feel the need to point out your superiority in every other thread.
  5. I'm all for the thumbs. I think if ninety percent of all posts consisted of thumb 'smileys', the boards would actually get better. Oh, and ban Ronald plz
  6. I'm currently playing through Arcanum once again, so right now my biggest wish for any future RPG is: NO NPC THIEVES WHO CAN STEAL IMPORTANT ITEMS FROM MY INVENTORY! God, I hate Tarant. Oh, and get rid of the story. Randomly generated freeform crap is teh future.
  7. As I read the topic I instantly wanted to say 'POST APOC!!11', but when I think about it, the type of setting doesn't really matter that much to me. As long as the game world is presented in a believable and interesting way, ANY setting can be fun. I don't like unimaginatively ripped off setting implementations ("They might look like dragons but in this game, they're called 'ZROGGS'!"; "No, it's not Mana, it's 'Bluebarontheright'.") or when you can clearly tell that parts of the game world were altered or designed only to serve a certain pc-related gameplay aspect (stuff like healing/mana wells or shrines, those ability upgrade canisters in GeneForge or the floating bubbles in Lionheart, which were just there to be absorbed by you). I especially hate that when the explaination sucks or isn't given at all. I don't see why people who are sick of standardized fantasy settings are screaming for cyberpunk though. Maybe it's because I don't know much about that matter, but isn't cyberpunk just fantasy in a different, preferably dark blue color scheme, with magic replaced by PSI?
  8. I googled your name and this came up: You're welcome.
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