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  1. Maybe the Navy commercials? That's Keith David--he was in Mass Effect (Captain Anderson) and does sound kinda like Zez, but it's not him, I don't think.
  2. Hmmm, this is KOTOR 1 you're trying to play, correct? Not KOTOR 2? I've heard KOTOR 2 having issues on the Intel's onboard graphics, but not KOTOR 1. In any case, there may be a solution out there for you. Let me check to see if I can find any information.
  3. We'll probably need some more information before we can help you out. Go here, and post all of the relevant information. The only general solutions I can give you now is updating your video card drivers, try disabling the sound and then playing to see if it works, and tinker with the video options to see if some combination works.
  4. Yes, I think the G0-T0 character was very compelling. I agree with everyone else regarding his uselessness when it comes to him being in your party. But let's put it like this: in the original KOTOR, everyone always talks about the big twist in the story involving Revan. KOTOR II didn't go that route with its main story, but there certainly is a twist regarding G0-T0's background (one that I didn't discover/comprehend until the third time I played through the game). I think his history was very well done, making for a great story. It's unfortunate that his history is so easy to miss in the game. Also, it's amazing how much one little droid was able to accomplish and its effects on a galactic level; a running theme in all the Star Wars movies.
  5. Alrighty, sorry for the triple post, but I'll make this one worth it, promise. I finally got to the Kavar meeting and past all these Onderon loading blocks. This was done by disabling the sound, and turning off anti-aliasing in the game. I believe this was a driver conflict with both the 8800 GTS (KOTOR2 doesn't support these new drivers) AND a combination of the sound drivers, which KOTOR 2 has always been sketchy with in terms of Vista. Note that I had to turn BOTH of these things off for the game to work properly. Just one of them off wouldn't get the job done. Thought I'd share with everyone interested on what the heck this thing was. Thanks for everyone who posted in here and tried to help!
  6. Man, I tell you, Onderon really has it out for me. I replayed through it again, making sure I ran it as an administrator every time (at least my saved games are accounted for now). Everything was perfectly smooth until I first got to Onderon. Right after you get your starport visa and the guard asks you questions before going into the city, the game crashes. Same as before--it crashes right when it's loading between the two locations. It's quite irksome! Funny that the freezing is occurring in a different place, though.
  7. Whoops, sorry qt3, my mistake. I'm playing through KOTOR 2 again, to see if the same bug will pop up on Onderon. Downloaded the Skip Peragus Mod, and am about halfway done with Telos. I'll be sure to make Dxun my first planet. I should be able to know shortly. I hope it was a one time thing!
  8. Yup, I made sure to be able to view hidden files. Crazy thing!
  9. Bravo gt3! Running it as an administrator makes it go to the fullscreen every time AND it detects no saved games. Well done! Something I should have considered before. KOTOR2 must have needed administrative privileges to access the swkotor2.ini file. Interesting that when you don't run it as an admin, it reverts back to the software's older settings... Now if there was only a way to back up the non existent saved games...*sigh*
  10. I did this. I went to the search engine, typed in "*.sav" and had it search both of my disks. And...yup, you guessed it, ONLY found the two saves that I had backed up recently. But KSE and KOTOR2 are still reading the six to eight other saved games! This is madness! And I've got my preferences set so that I can view hidden files. So so strange. Edit: Here's something that might help the situation (or complify it ): As you remember, I uninstalled KOTOR2 completely and reinstalled it. After that, I ran my save game to see if it worked--it didn't. Something I noticed was that at the start up screen (where you have New Game, Load Game, etc.), Darth Nihilus was there! Not Darth Sion. Now why would Nihilus be the one at the beginning of the screen? I'm wondering if something in my registry is not being removed, and hence it "remembers" my last save game (and that may explain where the save games are?). Anyway, when I saw the game didn't work, I exited and ran the update program. It updated fine, everything successful. When I launched the game, it went to the configuration screen (which it should do on the very first time you start the game) and made sure all my hardware passed. I advanced to the start up screen and Darth Sion was now there! And also, my save games were no where to be found, just like they should be! This was short lived, however. As soon as I exited KOTOR2 and reloaded it, Darth Nihilus was back and so were my older save games. Interesting... One thing common about all of this, though, was that whenever Darth Nihilus comes up, and KOTOR2 detects the old saves, the window for it won't be in fullscreen. It will be windowed, albeit still at 1280x1020 (I believe this is a common error, which I have tried to remedy by simply editing the swkotor2.ini file, but it doesn't work). When Darth Sion is there and it can't read the old saves, however, the game WILL be in fullscreen mode. Thanks for taking all the time to read this incoherent mess. It's bad when you uninstall a game and it won't work properly even after the fact!
  11. One more thing: I completely uninstalled KOTOR 2. When it asked if I wanted to keep my save games, I said no. I went to reinstall it and, guess what; my old saved games were still there (even though the /save folder was empty). Completely baffling.
  12. That's the kicker, though. The game DOES detect them, and even loads them. But they don't exist in the /save folder?! Weird, weird. But yeah, I'm certain you're right. I'm probably going to have to just start over if I want to truly fix this. I've tried multiple .exe's now and have gotten partial success. On the latest "upgrade," I was able to travel to other areas without the game crashing on me. But, no matter what, right after I talk to Dhagon Ghent to go to the Catina, the game crashes. Doesn't matter which .exe I'm using on that one.
  13. Also, I have the KSE editor, and IT reads all eight the save games (even though I can only see two in the /save directory). Isn't the /save folder the only place KSE looks for save games? A big WTF is in order here--I'm thoroughly confused as to why there's only two save games in my folder when I have eight of them.
  14. No, I didn't download anything from SecuRom. Maybe I'll look into that. That still can't explain where the heck all those save games are, though? I'm really confused with that. Where is KOTOR2 reading the save games from? If they're not in the save directory, where could they be (I've tried searching for the files as well and can't find them)?
  15. I was afraid of something like that. I've played through the game a million times before so it's no worry. I have very basic C programming skills...so I'm not going to go through that headache. Thanks for the reply.
  16. Hey everyone, I've got a problem with KOTOR 2. First, here are my system specs:
  17. Think I'd write the KOTOR trilogy, in all honesty. I need some form of closure, after all
  18. I needed to replace a .dll file that had to do with the sound, or something like that, to get TSL to run properly. But it was a very common problem and the fix was easy enough. It runs so well on this computer, that's why I think I can't ever go back to my old one
  19. Does anything work smoothly with Vista? Lol, ya know, I've had Vista for about a month now and have yet to experience any problems with it. It's been working better than XP ever did for me, actually. But I really dunno if I'd be willing to rollback to XP just to make the restoration project work. Guess I'd play it on one of my older computers
  20. Jeez, that's a really expensive board for just a Pentium D. Are you really doing SLi? I'd go with something cheaper, without sacrificing too much quality, like: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813130082 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128073 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128064 Those are all assuming you are using DDR2 memory. They're also nice because you'll be able to upgrade to a Core Duo in the future. Also, be careful about any LGA775 working with a Pentium D--there are cases where the Pentium D's aren't compatible with a Mobo's FSB! Good luck and happy shopping.
  21. Revan: singlehandedly brought the Mandalorian Wars to an end, managed to stretch the Republic out to the verge of collapse, redeemed himself as a Jedi Knight while ending the threat of Malak (in a matter of a few months), and allegedly went to fight the "true" Sith, while sending T3-M4 to find the Exile (who would eventually bring back the Republic and restore the Jedi Order). Vader's Apprentice: Some guy who may have killed a few Jedi Masters but would ultimately make no splash in the galaxy. Yeah, um... Going to have to go with Revan on this one.
  22. There wasn't nearly as much material cut from KOTOR I. And most of that stuff has already been restored by other modders. I think there's a Sleheyron mod (apparently you were supposed to go there), as well as Hoth. There's also an alternate ending that was cut at the last minute; it involves the path of the DSF Revan. I won't spoil the ending for you just in case you want to see it yourself.
  23. You never really have to reformat Windows completely, that's what the Repair function is good for. IF you're good at IT stuff, you can repair just about any software problem, especially in Windows XP. Check your processor's temperature (assuming you've got sensors in your CPU, which is probable) by using AIDA32 (http://www.majorgeeks.com/download181.html). Install AIDA and when you click on it, go to Computer, then Sensor. If you're processor temperature is 150 + F, you might have a dust contamination problem within your laptop--I've certainly had that problem before. This would also explain the slowdown.
  24. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Atton Homeworld: Unknown (Possibly Eres III or Corellia).
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