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  1. Yessssss... You know, I heard a terrible Dropkick Murphys cover of that a few years ago. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Still Get Around
  2. I wonder if this is a cover of the Dylan song that Nick Cave covered on his Murder Ballads album. It's got two pretty big guest vocalists, his fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue and former Pogues frontman Shane McGowan. Metallica have a history of covering Nick Cave songs. They did a pretty slick version of "Loverman" on Garage Inc., their all-covers album. . Is this the same song? The Rolling Stones - Loving Cup
  3. AA Bondy - World Without End
  4. Unless you're in a band. The band I was in back in college played one show on top of a Oldsmobile '88. It was at a keg party at our friend's' house. We put the PA and mixer in the back seat of the car and placed the mic stands on cinder blocks. One guy stood on the hood, one guy on the roof and I was on the trunk. The drummer played in front of the car. It was hands-down the weirdest "venue" I've ever played.
  5. Tom Waits - San Diego Serenade
  6. It's nice to see The Gray (or is it Grey?) Album getting some love around these parts. I still listen to What More Can I Say and Encore occasionally and I appreciate the hell out of the project, but a lot of the songs seem to have limited replayability, beyond the initial, "Wow, is he really rapping over 'Rocky Raccoon?'" moment. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Already Too Late
  7. Christ... now THAT was a hiatus. Welcome back.

  8. The Felice Brothers - Goddamn I love these guys and their music. I especially enjoy that one of the "brothers" looks like John Popper.
  9. do you have the first arcade fire? i can hook it up, man.

  10. Speedmarket Avenue - Way Better Now I must confess, I was kind of disappointed when I saw that only one of the singers were female. I really thought the guy who sings the first verse was a girl until I saw the video. The song is still awesome though. I guess this band is from Sweden. Anyone from our Scandinavian contingent care to weigh in? Are these guys huge over there or under the radar?
  11. I saw Clerks for the first time today. Yeah, yeah, I know. "How can you call yourself a child of the 90s if you've never seen Clerks?" Well, now I have. I though the best line was: Dante: "You hate people!" Randal: "But I love gatherings." That describes one of my friends perfectly.
  12. Our assclown "record label" guy hasn't got back to me yet. I swear, I should just mail you the damn CD myself. :)

  13. Sorry I did a post-and-run yesterday. Didn't mean to leave you hanging, old pal!

  14. His nuts are safe (from you at least). I'm damned if I can find it. I'm pretty sure it's not on either of his albums. Listening to the same now, and enjoying it quite a bit. I have their first album and I don't recall it sounding anything like this. It was a lot less Springsteen-y. I remember railing against it when it came out because all the hipsters at my college thought it was the next Sgt. Peppers or something, but then begrudgingly realizing that it was pretty good.
  15. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Hope I Never Lose My Wallet Old school ska-core yeah!
  16. Yeah. I was sittin' in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel. I was listening to the air conditioner hum... It went mmmm mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm... I second the props for Old 97s too. They don't get enough props, really. I think it's because the alt-country kids thought they were too polished and the alt-rock crowd thought they were too country. The Rolling Stones - Shine a Light Is there a better song for a slightly buzzed Indpendence Day morning than the ultimate Southern gospel barn-burner as played by some drugged-up Brits? I doubt it. Happy birthday America!
  17. Cracker - Euro-trash Girl Called my mom from a pay phone I said "I'm down to my last" She said "I sent you to college Now go call your dad." And the waitress that he married Well she hung up the phone You know she never did like me But I can stand on my own
  18. R. Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me Indiana wants me Lord, I can't go back there Indiana wants me Lord, I can't go back there!
  19. If you liked the single, you'll like the album. In fact, I was kind of surprised when I heard A-Punk was the single. After a few listens, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, Oxford Comma and M79 stood out to me as the best songs. Walcott would be a helluva single as well -- it's got the biggest singalong chorus on the CD. Edit: And Samm, I stand by every word. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Nobody's Baby Now
  20. Yeah, I don't care much for her. She was on "Dancing With the Stars" -- one of the most popular American TV shows -- a while ago as another attempt to cash in on the sliver of fame she got from marrying a Beatle. Did you write "Yesterday?" No? Then sit down and shut up. John Lennon's mistress recently published a book of her photographs of John, and that's even worse. This woman doesn't even have any "causes" except her own bank account. Built to Spill - Cortez the Killer ... all 21 minutes of it. Hell yeah.
  21. The Beatles - Baby's in Black Seriously, has anyone ever done harmony vocals better than Sir Paul in his prime?
  22. I used to be a big Floyd fan back in the day, so I loved that reference. It was so totally out of left field. Yeah, that was one of those South Park moments where I laughed and nobody else in the room did. The Felice Brothers - Frankie's Gun!! Download it; it's awesome.
  23. One of my friends loves new Weezer and hates the first two albums. I'd say he's just doing it to be contrarian, but he also declares his love of KISS, Poison, the Crue and many other arena rockers without even a hint of irony. Umm... the Violent Femmes on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Gordan Gano as a heartthrob? Really?
  24. Sure enough. I don't trouble myself with trying to fathom those lyrics, but I do love that piano hook. The Zombies - Tell Her No
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