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  1. I've had a handful of minor glitches, but the worst has been a couple of times where I was either a) not in line of sight, or b) invisible, and the alarm was still raised for no apparent reason. Or the times a hacking/lockpicking attempts cuts off 3 - 5 seconds early and sets the alarm off for no reason.
  2. They've actually said she could be anywhere up to 23. News reports that she looks to be 16, but your dossier info puts her as possibly being safely older. And besides, sequel = not necessarily 5 mins after the first game. For all we know, she could become a playable character if a sequel shows up...
  3. Deng. He and Mike got along well - neither one grew out of their childhood fantasies of being a superhero. Also, they both get magical invisibility powers, so they also get to LIVE THEIR DREAMS TOGETHER! EDIT: Also, he has the same initials as me. How cool is that?
  4. I want a new character, so they can start from scratch skills-wise. I'd prefer them to have the option of following on from your finale in AP, but because the game doesn't save at the end, that's not really a legitimate option. They could let you pick from 3 or 4 different AP endings as pickup points for AP2 though - kind of like you got in Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2 when you hadn't played the first games.
  5. If I hadn't killed her on my current playthrough, I'd have considered voting "yes." But I'm not into necrophilia, so no. Needs a new agent as a player character though - like Thorton was at the beginning of AP.
  6. That's the story you put in your report, and none of the guards came forth to dispute it, did they? Well, there you go.
  7. I'm backing up the guy saying the only really unfair fight is trying to keep Surkov alive. I've had one time where I've gunned down someone right before they throw a grenade, and Surkov has RUN AT THE GRENADE to get himself killed. I've had multiple times where Surkov has been unhurt, I've gone after the main group of enemies, then spontaneously, without warning hear "Surkov's been killed!" and fail. One time I was running SMGs, and I was approaching the enemies from a flanking position. They turned and opened fire, one of them fired a burts where one shot deviated almost 90 degrees from his gunbarrel and hit Surkov in the head, killing him instantly. That was on Casual difficulty. I took almost a dozen attempts to actually complete that mission - not because my build wasn't suited to the enemies, not because I'm not good at the game, not because I was using my build wrong... Because Surkov is a complete retard who needs WAY more health in that scene, and because sometimes bad luck just hits REALLY *#&$ING HARD in this game. Also, I can understand "my build should be capable of passing every REQUIRED section of the game" I can understand "I'm trying for a non-lethal playthrough on Hard." I can't understand "I'm trying for a non-lethal playthrough without upgrading Pistol skill and with minimal Martial Arts skills." That last point is where OP's argument loses its appeal for me. Yes, gadgets are your MAIN focus - but they shouldn't be the only thing you know. How many super spies do you know of in fiction who are retards with guns and only barely competent in close combat? I can think of one. Macgyver. Now you have a question to answer: When facing off against Konstantin Brayko, WHAT WOULD MACGYVER DO? Answer the question, then do that. Problem solved. (Yes, this IS how I worked out a strategy that works without using melee or guns. And yes, I've tested it to make sure it works. And yes, it was on Hard) Also, on the topic of Macgyver in Alpha Protocol, how many other people have noticed the awesome Macgyver reference in the game? (pro-tip: You unlock it before Saudi, and you can see it in every safehouse)
  8. As thingyt said, one of my friends did this first time, standing behind the rock near the entrance to the area, blasting it with the AR until it died. Still had plenty of ammo to spare. Then he walked around the corner after it went down, and saw a missile launcher, and said "really?" - I told him "don't worry. They're not powerful enough to make it as easy as how you did it" I've killed it with Steel Core Pistol rounds and Chain Shots. Took 5 Chain Shots of 5 bullets each. Not sure how much of the last burst was actually needed. Running from Missile Launcher to Missile Launcher is more dangerous than finding a good spot to hide. Funny thing is, he later cleared another difficult area without using the sniper tower that's there - saw it and said "Really? Again?" - "yeah, that one is kind of useful. But you didn't get hurt, don't worry so much"
  9. So just expanding the "hub" area from being only the safehouses to including a semi-free-roaming area for various shops and things? Actually, that sounds pretty good - and you could better keep track of who you're buying from (it's a little hard to tell sometimes), which would give more meaning to the various discounts you get. Shop HERE for weapons, but THERE for armour, and ALL THE WAY DOWN THE ROAD for gadgets, because those guys give you the best prices after you (insert action here). Would technically fit into the "minimal interaction free roaming" possibility more than the "less coherent story" one, but it wouldn't need to be as large an area as I thought you meant, so it would probably work pretty well. And they might even be able to directly link some of the conversation missions into that "hub" area. You know there's a "talk to X" mission, and you happen to see that person while shopping, why not take the opportunity to talk on neutral ground instead of going to their house? We all know how badly that turned out last time.
  10. I don't honestly see that adding anything to the gameplay. Not saying it's a particularly bad idea, just that not every game has to have an open world. And I don't see a game like Alpha Protocol working properly while doing an open-world setup justice. It would either become a parkour-free version of Assassin's Creed (the original) with an open world that you can barely interact with, or can only interact with in fairly meaningless ways, or it would force the open world to become the focus, and destroy the coherency of the story by doing so.
  11. Another great example. That warehouse mission in Rome? 17 shots. 13 kills with firearms (I also had one gadget kill, and one melee kill). One enemy took 2 shots (and I confirmed both hit and did damage at the time), and another took 3 (again, all of which hit and did damage). For a total of... 52% accuracy! Ummm... ??? Are you on PS3? If not, might be platform-specific. Also, when i first played, I never had that problem. I've just picked it up again after a while, and it's installed an update I don't remember having previously - I could be wrong about that though - I've had the game sitting for a while (basically since Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood came out last year, I've barely played anything else).
  12. I'm pretty sure you get a discount on something from someone for letting him go - can't remember exactly who right now though. One of many things I'm yet to really experiment with in AP.
  13. I think Karl's right. I know I had a pretty good reputation with Leland at the end, and I got to slam his head into the desk. It was very satisfying.
  14. Just posting some selected stats from a mission I completed the other day. Total kills with firearms: 32 Total Pistol shots fired: 45 Accuracy: 26% Basically all I did was shoot everyone I cam across. There were four enemies who didn't die with the first bullet, and needed to be shot again. The rest of the extra shots were from using Chain Shot against someone at long range - double-headshot to be sure of the kill. Even if all of those got the kill with one bullet and count the second as a miss, that's saying 36 hits with 45 bullets comes to 26% accuracy. I've had various odd glitches with the accuracy stats on missions, but that's the most blatantly stupid and obvious example. Anyone else seen anything like this in their game?
  15. My favourite so far is Stealth/Pistols/Sabotage, with a few points to SMGs and the first 3 levels of Toughness - adding 50% to your base health is well worth spending 12AP on, but I rarely get shot/hit enough to need even that much. I guess I just like to have that extra bit of a safety net... Basically, I try to stay mostly invisible, but when things go wrong at point-blank, my SMGs can fix the problem.
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