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  1. I've had a handful of minor glitches, but the worst has been a couple of times where I was either a) not in line of sight, or b) invisible, and the alarm was still raised for no apparent reason. Or the times a hacking/lockpicking attempts cuts off 3 - 5 seconds early and sets the alarm off for no reason.
  2. They've actually said she could be anywhere up to 23. News reports that she looks to be 16, but your dossier info puts her as possibly being safely older. And besides, sequel = not necessarily 5 mins after the first game. For all we know, she could become a playable character if a sequel shows up...
  3. If I hadn't killed her on my current playthrough, I'd have considered voting "yes." But I'm not into necrophilia, so no. Needs a new agent as a player character though - like Thorton was at the beginning of AP.
  4. So just expanding the "hub" area from being only the safehouses to including a semi-free-roaming area for various shops and things? Actually, that sounds pretty good - and you could better keep track of who you're buying from (it's a little hard to tell sometimes), which would give more meaning to the various discounts you get. Shop HERE for weapons, but THERE for armour, and ALL THE WAY DOWN THE ROAD for gadgets, because those guys give you the best prices after you (insert action here). Would technically fit into the "minimal interaction free roaming" possibility more than the "less coherent story" one, but it wouldn't need to be as large an area as I thought you meant, so it would probably work pretty well. And they might even be able to directly link some of the conversation missions into that "hub" area. You know there's a "talk to X" mission, and you happen to see that person while shopping, why not take the opportunity to talk on neutral ground instead of going to their house? We all know how badly that turned out last time.
  5. I don't honestly see that adding anything to the gameplay. Not saying it's a particularly bad idea, just that not every game has to have an open world. And I don't see a game like Alpha Protocol working properly while doing an open-world setup justice. It would either become a parkour-free version of Assassin's Creed (the original) with an open world that you can barely interact with, or can only interact with in fairly meaningless ways, or it would force the open world to become the focus, and destroy the coherency of the story by doing so.
  6. Really? I played it because the branching story setup reminded me of the Way of the Samurai games. The 3rd of which came out before AP, and had more unique endings. Although I suppose the mission-based structure made it different. But not very different. Back properly on-topic, though... Want a follow-up to Alpha Protocol, done the justice the first game missed out on. Don't care if it's a sequel, prequel, spinoff story, new-universe-same-concept, but it MUST BE DONE! Still play AP, by the way, on PS3. I've only completed it a few times, but it's awesome fun. Wish ARs got a lot more love, and either buff everything but Pistols, or pull back their OP-ness a little, and maybe reworking the stealth aspects pretty much completely could help out. Particularly the "sometimes when you're behind a wall in shadow and 100m away, a guard will suddenly "see" you and set the alarm off, and other times you can run around in a brightly-lit courtyard firing wildly with dual SMGs and not alert the guy you're about to kill OR the other 2 guys watching you do it" part...
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