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  1. Hai After beating the Game with Anjalia, i decided to give it another Shot with an Alt. Then i got the Idea to ask the Community wich one of the 4 Characters they Prefer and asking them why? So, what Character do u love to Play and why do you choose him / her ? Btw. i didnt saw much Movies from Reinhart. Mostly Katarina but i think she
  2. All obove this and i will add : - Random Dungeon (s ) Reason? I wanne max out my Char instead of making an Alt after beating the Endboss. I have lots of Fun Hunting Special Items for my Character and as far as i know you cant do this because there are no more Bosses after beating the Final Boss, mean
  3. i would stick on PC because of the better Online Support like Addons, Patches, Bugfixes etc. The only negative Thing is the Smaler Sized Screen of your PC compared to TV in my Opinion.
  4. Hai all Simple Question for the Com. Whats your Reason to play along after beating the Game once ? Will you start an Alt or just Enjoy the Multiplayer, Archievment Hunts or try to Level your Char on Max ? Wich Reason do you have to stick on Dungeon Siege 3 ? Share your Opinions with the Community.
  5. To get this Clear, I enjoyed the Singleplayer Part. Good Story, Multiple Choices, Gfx is also well done same for the Combat System. What iam missing is a playable Multiplayer Mode, the Singleplayer alone is not enough to stick on a Game more than 20 Hrs and the Multiplayer has a great Potential. Alot of People thinkin the same way about MP and it would be Great to get this "Issues" away and finaly having Fun.
  6. they still work on that and it will may be include in the upcomming patch
  7. Really? I'm Level 20 and I've got a fair bit of content left (just completed ). I'm wondering how many sidequests/areas you might have missed, since I didn't 'grind' respawns. Sorry, My Fault. I meant 29 not 19. I Did all Sidequests except one that was Buggy and cant finish it, guess it was one in the Mines to gater some Ore(?!?). But still, Singleplayer is Fun for a while and then? I see longtime Motivation in Games like that ( Items Hunting) only in Multiplayer and this part is Messed up right now. I hope they will realise that Point and may they will fix it to something be
  8. it's not an RPG, it's a dungeon romp though dungeon romps should be even longer than RPGs. 12 hours with every sidequest. hmmm, not sure what effect the designers wanted to achieve 12Hrs of Singleplayer wouldnt be a Problem for me ( I Beat SP in about 20 Hrs and reached only Lv 19) because there is a Onlne Option included. That was the Main reason i bought DS3. I played DS1 and 2 more than a Year only Online because its freakin Fun hunting Items with Strangers/Friends, finding new Secrets, makin new friends. But in DS3 Multiplayer is Fun forbidden, atleast for me. So i spend al
  9. Ok, i didnt notice this yet but will his/her Character be saved on the Host
  10. After beatin the Singlleplayer i directly hosted a Online Game because of the Longtime Motivation and of course having fun with other people enyoing the same gam. But this Multiplayer Experience is everything but no fun. Shared Screen is totaly annoiyng, Character Wipe after Quitting ( Non-Host) makes it feel Pointless and wasting of Time for them. Od course i could start another SP Game with an Alt. but that seems pointless for me without Friends that can share the Experience with you too. I realy hope they will fix this on Pc because it dont seems to be Impssible to do and it wou
  11. Hai After beatin the Singleplayer i thought its Time to try out the Multiplayer Mode. Started a new Game and after 2Hrs of playin i finnaly got 2 Ppl joinin my Game. First, i was shocked about the shared Screen. In my Opinion its frustrating for People to be sticked on the Hostplayer. What Reason do these People have to join a Game ? Character will be Deletetd after Quiting, also Items, you cant Choose your own Character so its a totaly waste of Time playing. Of Course you could host and laugh about everyone that is stupid enough to join your Game but i guess thats not the Idea b
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