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  1. Now he is just gonna argue that how is he suppose to know that a Shield means Defensive?
  2. I have an xbox controller for my PC. Mainly I am just trying to figure out if the advantages of the PC version out weight being able to play it on my 47" TV instead of my 23" monitor.
  3. I can't decide which system to get it for. Generally I prefer games on my PC but since I will probably be using a controller for this game anyways it might be nice to get it for a console since I have a nice sized TV. How do the graphics compare between the systems? Is the PC a lot better or are the console versions comparable?
  4. You do realize that in the demo you are starting at lvl 4 instead of lvl 1? You are fighting stuff that is balanced for lvl 1 characters as a lvl 4 so of course even hardcore is gonna be kinda easy in the demo.
  5. Well at least for BG2 and PS:T there are high resolution patches out there.
  6. Nicely put, just like in my case. Btw, it's pretty silly to put old games ahead of DS3 because their graphics are so poor you can't bring yourself to play them. Not very realistic ranking. And most of them you listed ahead don't have combat nearly as good and engaging as DS3. If "bad graphics" are keeping you from playing BG2 or PS:T then I feel sorry for you.
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