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  1. Yeah, it's him. Ahh good, also even though I love his voice acting, I feel like he fits the role of Gann-of-Dreams better.
  2. I kept thinking Gann-of-Dreams from NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer. Gonna check if that is true.
  3. I compared it to my all times favorite games, because those are the games I know, I am not a big fan of the Action RPG genre, have only really played diablo(all of them) and DS1(as a kid), and against those this game would easily score 10/10 which itsn't saying much.
  4. Its simple you play for great story/gameplay and not graphics, then you'll have a blast ^^
  5. There are keybinds; if there weren't any keybinds you wouldn't even be using the keyboard. There being no custom keybinds is the issue :D ba dum tsss
  6. My list is based on the overall game, and all of them are games I have played within the last year(played again rather). Also in term of combat Baldurs gate 2 and NWN2 was way better.
  7. Reason why I brought this game: Unlike many of you, the reason why I brought this game is because: I am a huge fan of Obsidian for making Neverwinter Night 2(best game ever created, just below Baldurs Gate 2). Now I did play the first Dungeon Siege as a kid(12 years old) and tbh it was boring even then and I'd go play Diablo any day over that. So when I saw a Dungeon Siege 3 I was like meh until I saw Obsidian as developer which then peaked my interest. The combat First of all I played this game on PC and I want to say to all you nubs who are whining about the controls, this is a case o
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