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  1. You are blatantly lying and everyone can see through it, your whole anti-DS3 thing just makes you look foolish and irrelevant. I see, it's time for fraps then?
  2. You do realize that in the demo you are starting at lvl 4 instead of lvl 1? You are fighting stuff that is balanced for lvl 1 characters as a lvl 4 so of course even hardcore is gonna be kinda easy in the demo. I did, but I never needed to use Katrina's abilities I simply spammed mouse 1 there's easy and then there's not even trying. I assume the levels were raised in the Demo to give access to more abilities but I never used them as they proved unnecessary.
  3. I'm a PC "purist" too because consoles are a bane to the gaming industry, they are the reason Crysis 2 has now worse textures than 4 year old Crysis 1, they are the reason for complete standstill for years in graphics and physics. Consoles are antithesis to progress. Let's be fair - Crysis 2 was still a beautiful game, and you only noticed those worse graphics if you actually went looking for it. The reason I stopped playing it wasn't because of the "bad" graphics, but because it was a bore. I really liked Crysis 2 actually, the suit felt really weakened compared to previous games (Just didn't seem like I was knocked trucks 500 feet away anymore) but the story was fun and while it took a long time for it to actually make any remote kind of sense the end of the game pulled it together.
  4. Hey, I am a hardcore PC Gamer. I play *all* of my games on the PC. If it doesn't come out for PC, I don't play it. This guy is beyond troll. He is just a deluded fanboy. He goes beyond me and my fellow Fallout 3 haters - he just makes crap up. I don't mind him not liking DSIII - hell, it creates a conversation. What I do mind is that he has no reason to hate it, other than it is not Dungeon Siege II. Is that a flaw? Sure. But this does not have "broken gameplay", "filler dialogue", and lack of mouse support. I have played all Dungeon Siege games to date and loved all of them, furthermore I spent more time in the Dungeon Siege playing various mods for years after it was released. This linear console port they have released is not a Dungeon Siege game it in no way resembles one. The gameplay IS broken or have you not been backed into a wall to hack the camera look straight down at the floor? This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to view what you're fighting. But heck why does that matter right? when you can just spam Mouse 1?
  5. I literally played through without even remote difficulty problems by spamming left click with katrina's pistols. It's a joke it really is if you can find a challenge then more power to you but i require games with more than carpal tunnel as a requirement. I dare you to try and find a pc game where you have to run around repeatedly spamming E to pickup an object on the ground or to open a door. It is a PC game and as the vast majority of pc games have shown us the mouse is an easy way to move across the screen quickly. This is entirely your opinion so theirs nothing to refute. I found the conversation to be repetitive and droll but to me it doesn't matter whether your speaking of magic or math if you're going to speak about it as if it's boring and uninteresting then you shouldn't speak. I didn't get pulled into the story at all just felt talked at. Kotor 2 was an absolute masterpiece I don't recall ever pulling it into the fire. I greatly preferred the story and gameplay of NWN1. More classes doesn't really do much for me as they all seemed rather hollow in NWN2. Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas however, were total farces. New Vegas took place within one area alone and become boring very quickly.
  6. I've been playing the "Dungeon Siege 3" demo for quite a while now and I cannot BARE to play it anymore. The gameplay is atrocious, the camera controls are a joke, and the presence of consolitis (Square Enix Syndrome) is obvious. I owned Dungeon Siege 1, the Legends of Aranna expansion, Dungeon Siege 2, and it's Broken World expansion (I also bought a copy of the deluxe edition). I was ECSTATIC when I heard about Dungeon Siege 3 and now the cold grim hand of death that is Square Enix has killed yet another bit of joy in the gaming industry. I will never buy this game and I will dissuade all others from purchasing it as well. Dungeon Siege has and should have remained loyal to it's PC origins instead of being pandered to console gamers. Consoles have become a way for developers to "half-ass" a game on the PC which I find disgusting to say the least. List of specific grievances: * Controls are obviously dumbed down for the console gamers (E is for [E]verything) and lack of keybinding shows total lack of care for PC gamers hoping to get away with a lazy port. * Dumbed down gameplay makes the game so easy that even Hardcore is a sad joke. * Lack of mouse support is laughable for a PC game. * Dialog is a joke, most conversations are mindless drivel created only to fill the void of fun that is this game. Accent's are ridiculous everyone is either Russian or English as though only two voice actors made the game. I despise you greatly obsidian and as such I would like to request you simply stop ruining wonderful series with your complete and total lack of care for games or those who play them. Sincerely yours, Another canceled Pre-Order.
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