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  1. The DLC is ok, I'm in the end of DLC now, hope there will be more DLC:s in some time.
  2. I have the dlc "Treasures of the sun" installed now but still the Achievement "Merchant of Ehb" does not work, I got for 10 min ago but it still don't unlock on Steam. I'm playin DSIII on the pc.
  3. You can't enter the DLC from any point in the game, so I think you just have to download one of your saves and a pop-up will tell you what to do. I've tried accessing the DLC from a bunch of different saves from all different points in the game. It looks like a quest is supposed to pop up on your quest list after the DLC is installed. This isn't happening for me, which leads me to think the DLC is having trouble installing. Is anyone else having this issue? How is the DLC accessed once it's installed for those that got it to work? I loaded a old save game before I was entering Stonebrigde (just outside the first gate to Stonebrigde), I got a popup about this new quest and it is workin for me. The game was patched before I buy the DLC. I have do the "reopen the chapterhouse quest" before the guy shows up in the chaperhouse hall/s.
  4. I got the suffering 100K damage achievement unlocked on Steam.
  5. I'm playin the game on swedish win 7 64 bit without any crashes. I don't need to change the OS language to English, the game load without any problems.
  6. I have the same problem with the 100,000 gold, I had been sellin things for 100,000 gold and over. l had completed it twice but still didn't unlock + the complete all main story quests + the side quests didn't work too. I'm playin DSIII on the pc.
  7. LOL - note the small "edit" text at the bottom. "Do as I say, not as I do." But lets give them a bit of slack - this wasn't a bug from release, it was an unexpected side-effect from trying to fix something else. I want to use up arrow key to move forward and the down arrow to move backward but the basic controls is: w - move forward, s - move backward, you can't change this keys to up arrow or down arrow keys in the game options in the main menu, ok you can use the right mouse button(holding) to move.
  9. No achievements for me, I plays as Katarina(got to level 20 today).
  10. DLC, DSIII is not a mp game and I don't play mp, only a single player game.
  11. I agree, the consoles has old hardware, the games on a console are lookin like real crap to me, thats why I never gonna use a pain in the ass console.
  12. No you can't change the keys on the pc yet, I hate it too.
  13. I'm a PC "purist" too because consoles are a bane to the gaming industry, they are the reason Crysis 2 has now worse textures than 4 year old Crysis 1, they are the reason for complete standstill for years in graphics and physics. Consoles are antithesis to progress. That doesn't mean I don't recognize when something is good. Yes the consoles are realy a pain in the ass in the GAME INDUSTRY, ugly textures( I think they can only handle the DX9 crap) , old hardware and so on.
  14. they still work on that and it will may be include in the upcomming patch OK, sounds good, I hope they can fix this joke of console port to a real PC GAME.
  15. Change key repmappin settnings so people can do their own setup of key repmappin on the PC, I want to use the UP ARROW key to move forwards and the DOWN ARROW key to move backwards, I never use the W S keys to move in a PC GAME.
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