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  1. They've released one game on this engine and that's what I base my impressions on. As does everyone else, for that matter. OP wants IWD3 on this engine because "graphics are just beautiful, sound is awesome", which makes zero sense, and resident fanboys concur. I remain skeptical until proven otherwise. Certainly it's possible that the engine is good for more than simplistic casual corridor crawlers, but then why is DS3 one? Squenix forced them, no doubt.
  2. Ofc Onyx runs well on your Xbox-in-a-tower PCs. The maps are tiny and cramped, textures are lowres. Devs said they didn't even create skyboxes for most of the areas - wonder why? TW2 requires a highend PC if you want to max all settings, duh. What Onyx does better than RED engine is the seamless world without noticable loading, but it comes at a price - namely corridor maps. TW2 has quite big maps but they are split into chapters and there's the annoying fadeouts that most likely mask loading.
  3. How it looks and plays on consoles remains to be seen. What matters is that it's a PC exclusive for now with only minor concessions to consoles (mainly the inventory). It looks terrific and plays well with K&M. Contrast that with DS3 which is a console game first, optimized for controllers, with the PC version a mere afterthought.
  4. Comparing the number of PC vs console releases using that engine so far - yeah, obviously.
  5. Don't make IWD3 on this console engine (actually, don't make IWD3 multiplatform at all!). Unless you can fix the tiny corridor maps and way-too-close fixed camera zoom, use Witcher 2 engine or something.
  6. I'd say it translates to "fans supporting the game with mods and custom content long past its shelf life" which is something both franchises had.
  7. Well, if Witcher 2 is any indication, VGChartz is nowhere close to being correct. That game sold 400k in its first week according to CDPR, while VGC reported half as much. But even if we double VGC's number for DS3 it still comes out to only 40k units, which isn't a lot. However, since the game probably was dirt cheap to develop (judging by length and quality) it probably doesn't have to sell a lot to turn a profit. 50-100k I'd estimate, which should be doable in a few weeks.
  8. IWD >>>>>>>>>> this The games are nothing alike, unless it reminds you of IWD because, uh, you kill monsters in both games and there's a story and stuff.
  9. So your new engine is only good for tight corridor maps and has performance issues when it shows more than a few meters of ground around your feet? You know I was hoping you'd use this engine for your own future IPs or, you know, MOTB 2, but this really doesn't bode well...
  10. It wouldn't be so jarring had they given her a cool name like, I dunno, Galvatron or Optimus Prime. Jane Kassynder just sounds ridiculous when they repeat it over and over like that. Does someone at Obsidian have a gf called Jane Kassynder or what?
  11. Why indeed, when controller-based games are so much superior in every way.
  12. It plays a lot more like an arcade game than a point&click aRPG of old. People who expected the latter are probably disappointed.
  13. A more likely scenario is that DS3 will be a success on consoles and Obsidian will proceed to develop only console RPG-lites from now on. Goodbye MOTB2.
  14. Can anyone confirm this? Enemies scaling to your lvl is retarded for this kind of game.
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