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  1. Okay, heres an analogy. Now everyones has heard of Lord the Rings. lets suppose the producers of the movie just released LOTR part3, but part3 doesn't have frodo, or the ring, or even sauron. Now using your logic we should still pay to watch part 3 because it doesn't have to be the same to be enjoyable.
  2. Download the Demo, and judge for yourself, whether DS3 is anylike like its predecessors. If its not, don't buy it , but be sure to let the developers know, you won't fall for their sh!t. If you think its like DS1/DS2, they go ahead and buy it. .
  3. Excuse my grammar, but english is my second language, and its hard for me to put my thoughts down as writing. I may not be an executive but i do know that you do not alienate your core customer base which happens to be pc gamers especially for a game like DS. THe developers basically created Dungeon Siege for the Xbox console, when your entire fanbase is on the PC. Second, you dont' fix whats not broken. Dungeon siege fans just wanted the same game, with updated graphics and new quests. What the developers did was take a proven franchise and shat on it, and expect it too sell mill
  4. I bet you don't have balls to call someone that in person, only behind a monitor.
  5. You sound like a car salesman. Listen, we get it, you work for Obisidian and are obligated to defend their products. But we're NOT IDIOTS, this game has the worst keyboard/mouse controls i have ever seen and it doesn't even have keybinding, especially for a PC game. I'll be spending my hard earned money on another product.
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