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  1. thanks for the dlc..you guys keep impressing me and gaining back the respect..sorry about the lazy developer comments i made..
  2. i really like that second helmet..but yeah i agree lucas needs some helmet..
  3. i came on here this evening to post this exact thing..after a week of playing sp i went over my friends today to show him the game and to try out the mp..the camera game us so much trouble we quit in frustration trying to beat a boss..no telling how many times he or i died due to the cheap camera..its completely ridiculous..and no one can tell me that obsidian werent aware of this when they shipped the game..they cut a lot of corners on the mp side of this game..
  4. I couldn't see were to reply, but on further investigation of this game, I found this which sums it up completely for me; thats awesome...obsidian deserves every shot thats taken at them over the mp..i hope now they truly regret the decision to do it the way they did..
  5. Then you're extremely lucky you bought it post patch then. Pre-patch Daggerdale game was a technical nightmare, and still may be. You only need to reasd the list of fixes, and see that there was a ton more that wasn't mentioned to know just how awful it was on release from a technical standpoint. Dungeon Siege, despite its flaws, 3 is near perfect in comparison. you mean hey finally patched it? i havent played it since a few days after it was released on xbla. i was afraid id get the skill point bug and i was tired of all the freezing..ill admit even with its flaws ds3 is better than daggerdale..
  6. after nv first launched you couldnt even go onto the forum to post an issue much less any kind of negative feed back without the fanboys calling you a liar a troll and every other thing in the book just for trying to get some help..fanboys = no criticism or problem is valid in any situation is the impression i got there..and it felt the same way here pretty much from the start..anyways im done..im pretty much happy with the game except a few minor bugs and one huge flaw..mp of course..so theres really no point in me continuing..i guess fanboyism is just the way it is here..oh wells..
  7. Because? There was a demo and reviews, no one told you to get the game before researching whether it suited your tastes or not. thats a pat bs response if i ever read one..some ppl dont spend a lot of time on the internet researching every thing about a game..you ppl act like its the consumers fault that developers put out bad games..this forum is just as bad as the fallout nv forum was/is..cant complain about your favorite little developer its not their fault they put out faulty products its everyone elses fault..blah bla blah....pitiful..
  8. i just go into the swamp and the camera is the worst ive seen it so far..every time i go around a corner it seems to zoom in almost to the ground.. and another thing really bugs me is im using lucas..i use his two handed stance %90 of the time..it never fail that after a conversation or even after coming out of the inventory he is automatically set to his one handed stance..its irritating and has caused me some trouble a few times..
  9. i dont think anyone forced you to read this thread or reply..that was YOUR choice..so you wasted your own time there.. as for complaints i paid $60 bucks for this game therefore i have the right to complain as much as i want to and so does anyone else who paid good money for it...i could care less how the majority of you feel about the developers..im not a fanboy like most of you seem to be..i can see the flaws in a game no matter who makes it and I WILL complain about it all i want..ill a spade a spade whether ppl like it or not.. with that being said im enjoying the game except a few irritating flaws that i hope will be addressed..and i will complain about those if i choose too..
  10. Get back to Morrowind, bro! i was just gonna say even the women in oblivion look better..and all the women in oblivion are turrable lookin..
  11. Thats impossible to count. Also there are other players that actually like the game because it didn't focus on these things but other qualities. if you bother to look around other boards where fanboys arent the persistent members, like here, you might see what im talking about..
  12. id love to know how much the mp, camera and no game + affected the sales and what obsidian and square have to say about it..
  13. my character is level 7 and ive had the ring on since i started. i can confirm its stats have not changed yet..
  14. i agree its pretty much worthless..im betting all the preorder bonus items arent worth the time it took to put the code in to get it..
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