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  1. I do like the part about 5gb not being a small game, i dont know what games you have been playing but most games for the pc 4-5gb is the standard for a small game, most games run over 5gb now
  2. Hello A few clan mates and i bought this game, we play alot of co-op rpgs and the such. Now we find this game to be very fun, and have been playing it for the past 2days non stop. One of the biggests and quite major flaws in this game at the moment that we have found is the camera. There are two types of classes in this game ranged and melee why is that the camera is fixed for everyone resulting in people getting stuck at the edge of the camera during fights, and people lagging behind and getting stuck behind corners. How was this not picked up during testing, its more than just a minor in
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