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  1. Turn-based, party-based tactical goodness! Woohoo! Even if the game turns out to be ****e not meet the standards of us RPG-connaisseurs, the way the kickstarter fund is going, there certainly seem to be enough people around willing to fund a turn&party based RPG. Which might mean a scroll of resurrection will be used on a sadly neglected but awesome genre. I don't think the game will be poor though. Looking forward to it!
  2. At least you know what the next game's gonna be. I bet that makes the speculation a lot more fun. Makes me wonder, though, if anyone guessed it already.
  3. Mysterious wee bugger. Get yonsel' an avatar.

  4. I wish they could announce something already. It's much more fun browsing the forums when you know what you can be speculating wildly about.
  5. 18 months in what is basically a Russian prison. What was this mission called, Operation Gulag?
  6. Playing Arkham Asylum now. And Mass Effect 2 as well. I'm only two years behind the curve now, whee!! Oh, and still playing New Vegas.
  7. That sounds quite lovely. Jeremy Soule seems to do quite well with music for snowy landscapes. Always liked his Icewind Dale stuff.
  8. Yep, you should really let your decision whether to buy the game or not depend on how much the game is similar to DS1/2. People who judge a game based on whether or not they like playing the actual game are just not to be taken seriously.
  9. My two florins. I've finished the demo with Anjali and got about halfway with Lucas. Graphics & Sound Works very well. The world is on the generic side, but the art direction is pleasing and the little details here and there make it come to life. (I like the flocks of birds flying off and crowing as you approach them) The lighting and shadows both look really quite good and make the game quite atmospheric. I also really like the blurry effect used for the distant land that you see here and there. Shame you see so little of it though. None of the music stood out for me yet, but the sound effects are rather good. The best thing about the graphics, I thought, are the spell effects. Very well done. The second best thing is that the game runs very, very smoothly. I put all the settings as high as possible and it runs great with no stuttering or glitches or bugs that I've seen. UI & Gameplay The interface seems to work well. Nothing spectacular, but no complaints. Inventory seems to be easy to use, so the game won't be an IMS (Inventory Management Sim), thank god. Can't stand having to go through games looking at my inventory screen more than i actually look at the gameworld. The camera and controls took me about 10 minutes to get used to (on PC), which is a lot better compared with some other games I've played. (Obsidian's other games among them.) I don't like that the camera view is quite restrictive though. I'd like to be able to look around a bit more and be able to move the camera more freely. The way it is now makes the game feel slightly
  10. Playing Sims:Medieval. Just the tutorial so far, so I haven't seen much of the game yet, but I've been having fun slapping my subjects in the face. Have to keep the peasants in line, of course. I've also tried Europa 1400: The Guild, but about 5 minutes in I got punched in the face and knocked out by the micromanagement. It might be a really good game, and I like the premise, but I just don't seem to have the patience for it.
  11. Indeed it is. There's something strangely pleasing about playing a superspy who looks like he's fresh off the logging camp. If only the game had the shirts and the axes to match. And the song, of course.
  12. I'd much rather the game is delayed and there is more time for ironing out the last kinks and proper time for QA than have the game a few weeks (or months) earlier but have to deal with more bugs/glitches/whatnot. Besides, Obsidian could do with a game that is stable and mostly bug-free. It'd be good for their reputation, and good for us as customers.
  13. Unlocked Achievement "Press Start Button" 10 points!! I don't mind achievements, as long as i can ignore them and they aren't too prominently displayed constantly.
  14. Finished Alpha Protocol and started another playthrough, now with beard and shotguns. Also acquired Dragon Age: Origins and started playing as a mage. Seems fun enough so far and the world looks to be reasonably interesting. Not so enamoured of (some of) the voice acting so far though.
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