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  1. Having the same problem. There was a poll about delivering physical copy of the game later, that will mean that I need to wait until it arrives? Shouldnt there be a digital copy, so we dont need to wait so long? Same problem is the Digital game in our account the free copy? or is it the digital key that was promissed ? I wanted to gift the extra copy to a friend. Please reply when you are able. Alos CONGRATULATIONS.
  2. You are more or less correct the full game is 22Gigs the retail install gets you a bit more than half of that.
  3. I would also like to know if Obsidian gets any money.
  4. ...Hmm could be interesting...
  5. The thing about lovers quest is that they are clearly unstable when you first talk to them, your actually saving there lives...or a KwuuuL Black yellow lightsaber crystal. Didn't Lucas say that one night stands where Ok why am getting DS points for this XD. Also any one else did not like the Revan novel?
  6. Bioware are unable to do dark, only insane or duchy
  7. An I was so exited to play the JK story, but as it turns out its your cliche good jedi kill your way to the top of the sith food chain. IA seems to have the best story so far, especially C&C.
  8. Here are some spoilers conserning the Revan novel and retcons by Darth_Piejs at the theforce.net
  9. If there's no grey side choices for consular at launch I'll probably will be playing inquisitor too. Lightside choices for sith should be greyish, I think. From what I gather, the choices you get are selfish (Dark side choice) or for the empire (Lightside Choice). Also the consular story I would like to try JK, put I really don't like the wrighter of the class.
  10. Make sure you remind us every three days. I am not in beta, I just don't know if its ok to say stuff about the game, don't really want to get into trouble. But I am sure if you guys wanted to get info you would have been able to find it by now.
  11. No. It probably won't expire until very close to release. But 1st of November could be our special day. Ok I just have a lot of info on the game, but I perfer to wait for the NDA to expire.
  12. Does the NDA expire on the 1st of November?
  13. The Exile is so much cooler then Revan, to bad he got Drew Karpsomething loathing
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