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  1. There are few situation which Madison would be shot, and I am certain of 2: 1. You are too close, don't go beyond the center display piece on the lower floor. 2. You are out of sight, don't take cover from the long carbine on the lower floor, or run back up. Otherwise, flash bang. Maybe shock trap.
  2. From what I've seen, the only thing it affects, is that you learn , which I think you could end up without learning even if you meet . I don't think it opens any different ending though. Actually, it does, especially on the matters about Deus Vult.
  3. Straighter thing had happened. I bet few years down the road if Obsidian works out well they would make AP2
  4. I agree Albatross was in G19, but I doubt he is as rouge as you think: the fact that G22 assault the US embassy and leave almost no trace.
  5. Since when does that stop people being horny As we know, a lot of AP's content is cut in order for it to hit the store in before/early summer (and I would appreciate it to be release a month later for polish even after the push back from last year). Any who, I also believe Mike and Sis's relationship is suppose to be between brother/father and almost lover; a big grey area which the player have to make judgment on
  6. Just realise I got a 19% discount from SIE when I get a Hamilton Eagle in my "playboy" playthrough Than Steve's aid in subway station is like...35%(?) Then 14% for the Featherweight Reflex sight from Rising Sun (of course we don't know who they are )
  7. Perma awareness helps even a Commando build....unless you wanna keep the mini-games super easy
  8. The armor is available via The Turk in Rome (unlocked when the Museum mission becomes available). Regarding the other items, it's slight more hit and miss. The high-end pistols (with the exception of the UC Commisser) are G22 specific, as are the Silencer Mk3, the Featherweight Reflex Pistol Sight, and the Improved Scope for the AR. Everything else is available via someone else, though whether or not you unlock those sellers is another question (i.e Sergei Surkov, etc). Hope that helps. I know CIA listening post is likely to spawn Silencer Mk3 in the locked room on 3rd floor. I don't worry much about AR, as the basic Hamiton can handle most enemy in normal.
  9. I didn't realise it can go the otherway round But the event trigger is the same, just kill the last guy that spawns and gg
  10. Basically the Question is: anyone have access to G22's Arsenal after you turn them down to assault the US embassy? Although stocking up cash from Taipei would be the best idea to get both Hamiton Duelist and Advanced Stealth Armor; I am wondering if you can get access to G22's Arsenal in Taipei, or last chapter.
  11. My favorite build? No build. I know I may sound like an ass, but after the "rough" ride with recruit I start to like the no skill build, well, from a challenging POV. The most mindless is pistol/heck/tech with master awareness; allow you to know where all the enemies are and you while enjoying plenty of offensive, defensive and hacking bonus: great for speed playthrough just for the story.
  12. *I am kinda OT as I am talking about Brayko's mansion* What I mean is a Veteran response that allow you to rescue your Allie as well as getting to the Vault. Well, maybe you get to do both, but when I saw objective marker is Vault only, I reloaded; or after you access the Vault you will find out that your ally is fine?
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