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  1. I bought AP straight after release having been drawn to the game for various reasons, most notably being a RPG fanatic. AP stood out because it had a modern day setting and was similar in style to ME and DA:O in terms of graphics and gameplay. Both of those games are on my top five list of favourites and AP is included right alongside them. This game did have a fair few flaws and lacked a bit of polish but overall it was a great gaming experience, creating a believable and realistic game world told through a truly exceptional narrative. The dialogue system was immense and the choices you made did truly alter the story, as was demonstrated to me by various playthroughs. The fact this game may not be getting a sequel is a tragedy. Every game has negatives but unlike some, AP had the potential to rid itself of those negatives and become a truly epic series, had it been given true support. Instead it looks like being consigned to the list of great games that have been canned (such as Grim Fandango) whilst other series somehow persevere. I am hoping sense is seen and AP2 is created, free from the issues of the first game and continuing its excellent platform of story telling.
  2. Dogs, regardless of how domesticated they are, remain animals. And they retain the animalistic instincts. By and large, we get on fine with dogs and they are loyal and trusty companions. But there are times when they are savage aggressive beasts, moreso than foxes in some cases. If a dog savages a human, we put it down humanely regardless of how brutal the attack was. But with foxes, because they are considered wild animals, should be hunted down en masse and either ripped apart by hounds or gunned down by a man on horseback. Does that not seem a bit archaic and barbaric to you?? And does it not stink of double standards? My biggest problem with the whole fox hunting thing is the hypocrisy of the partcipants. They proclaim to be civilised people moments before they become primitives lusting after blood. I'm sorry but there's nothing civilised about that particular blood sport. I'm not against taking action against foxes to prevent them getting at chicken's etc. I'm against a brutal "sport" of the gentry which is simply barbaric. As Walsinghams says however, there are people being treated in an appaulling manner around the world and that needs to be dealt with. I dont believe we should make animals suffer in such a manner so I certainly dont think people should be forced to either.
  3. This is the first story in years about a fox mauling some kids, yet it has stoked the flames of the pro-hunting lobby to get back on their horses and watch their dogs rip these animals to shreds. It's funny its never the same reaction when its dogs that attack people, which is a far more frequent occurence. You don't see the hunters saddling up to get in some canine butchery. The offending dog is put down and thats the end of the matter. Why any difference when dealing with a fox?? Why do the hunting lobby cream their pants at the idea of maiming and brutalising these creatures?? You may have seen what a fox does to a chicken but I've seen what a hunting dog does to a fox too. Its no better. I'm not an active anti-hunt activist by any means, but the idea of these animals being ripped apart by dogs isnt exactly humane or civilised is it??
  4. 30,000 sales in two days on consoles isnt a bad return by a long shot. It would have probably sold alot more had it not been released around the same time as RDR though I prefer AP by a long way. I'd expect sales to pick up soon when people complete RDR or realise it isnt all its cracked up to be (RDR I mean). Global sales after a quarter should give us a better indication. I certainly dont think it's a flop by any means
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KEEXyRL0qE- Awesome song.
  6. @ Surreal. This topic is about Israel hence why I was focusing on Israel. Its not a personal attack or vendetta against them. I'll repeat my point. ALL governments and organisations need to be held accountable for their actions. Russia is included in that along with Israel, China, the US and every other country. When countries and organisations can evade scrutiny for their actions, then that is very troublesome. That goes for any country. Israel is not a special case. All countries need to be held to account for their actions, I only mention Israel and its a main topic in this thread.
  7. There was barely any sort of response to the whole passport forgery incident. The Israeli ambassdor to the UK got a talking to and a single diplomat was evicted from the UK. And this is after Israelis has already used faked British passports in the late 80's early 90's to do a similar sort of thing. So after promising their allies they wouldnt do it again after the first time, guess what they did??? Yep, they went and did it again. And all they got was a slap on the wrist. The reaction to this incident has been alot louder but the rhetoric from the western governments is still the same. There is no accountablity with regards to Israeli and that is what I have a problem with. I'm not a supporter of Hamas or an apologist for their cause. All I want is for ALL governments and organisations to be held accountable for their actions, good or bad.
  8. That wasn't directed at you, I was simply stating my opinion. I just don't like any country that seems to be above the law or beyond scrutiny. It stinks of hypocrisy and double standards and I cannot abide by that.
  9. I won't argue with the fact that the Holocaust has shaped the attitudes of Israel and I don't think anyone can blame them for that. No-one should ever have had to go through that and there is no way they could be the same after it. But that doesnt mean the international community should allow them free reign to do what they like. This is just the latest incident in a long list of actions that would have been declared and outrage if conducted by say Iran or another "Axis of Evil" country. The use of allied countries passports to conduct a political assassination in another sovereign country by Mossad is something that should be condemned, as it would be with most other countries. But no, Israel gets away with a talking to and a slap on the wrist. The unwavering support they receive from the United States has created an aura of invicibility around the Israeli government. The "we can do anything cos America has got out back" attitude is only going to increase tensions and problems for Israeli, not reduce them. No country should be beyond scrutiny. I don't agree with Hamas and will not condone their actions but neither will I accept the notion that because the Jewish people were brutally murdered 70 years ago by an extremist European organisation, that Israel can simply do what it likes.
  10. The game is full of diverse and unique characters, which is part of the appeal. The only ones I disliked were Darcy and Madison. Darcy I just didnt get, he was hunting you yet you still kept all the memorabilia he gave you. I understand taking trophies from your victims but that didnt really make sense to me. Anyways, he was just a low-level lackey anyways. Madison I liked as a character, but there simply wasnt enough time to develop her character fully so I felt a bit underwhelmed by her performance.. Favourites, have to be SIE and Sis. SIE is just plain hilarious and the dialouge is exceptional. Sis is the evasive kind but thats the charm. I hope that if there is an AP2, she definitely gets onside wih Thorton, they would make a top team. And a romance option please!! Execellent game, well written characters. I'm loving AP
  11. As someone who owns both AP and RDR, let me tell you that it's AP thats getting played the most. RDR is a good game but has been over-hyped beyond imagination. Its basically GTA with a new skin and different setting, which isnt a bad thing but isnt all that amazing. There is zero choice in what is a very linear storyline and there is little impact on the character, who behaves the same whether an outlaw or a lawman. Then take Alpha Protocol, where the way the character acts and talks gives a true sense of different styles be it suave, professional or aggressive. The storyline, whilst pretty linear, does provide some fluidity depending on the order of missions which can affect the way the the player is greet in later missions. Alpha Protocol tries to do something different and succeeds in many ways. Its not the best looking game in the world, but beyond the superficial graphics lies a very rich and involving core and a solid platform for any potential expansion of the series.
  12. Absolutely disgusted with the events that occured last night/this morning. Regardless of blame, civilians have lost their lives and that has been put on the backburner whilst the political ramifications continue unabated. Israel had no jurisdiction raiding an aid convoy in international waters. As mentioned by someone else earlier, that is akin to piracy. Its funny, when a group like the Somali prates do something like this, they are labelled pirates and outlaws. When its a state that does it, well its national security. Different motives I'll grant you, but the same tactics. Same goes for the Israeli Secret Service, their tactics are no better than what terrorists conduct but again, national security is used as a get out once again. That being said, I am no supporter of Hamas. Any organisation whose pledge is to eradicate another from the face of the earth is at the best, misguided, at worst, pyschopathic. But there are many civilians living in Gaza, in draconian conditions and closed off from the rest of their people and the world. They do not deserve to be treated as they are being treated. If this blockade by Israel wasnt in place, this whole tragedy could have been avoided. In the end, all this blockade will do is drive desperate people into desperate measures, which is counter-productive to their agenda. Both sides need to realise that following this path will only lead to one outcome; mutual annihilation. And no-one wants that.
  13. I got this game on Friday and haven't been able to put it down since. I bought Red Dead at the same time but that hasnt really gotten a look in so far. This game is brilliant, the story is epic and feels believable. The characters are diverse and excellently acted and the dialogue system works very well. Yes there are some problems but some of them are very much superficial and can be rectified when the sequel is released ( there should definitely be a sequel by the way!). Graphically it could have been better but go deeper than that and you'll discover a very very good game. That being said, not sure I'd agree with it being better than ME2. Both games have the same plus points, though ME2 was very much streamlined. Graphically, ME2 wins so I reckon it's a draw between the two. Both are excellent games and I cant wait for the follow-ups to each of them.
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