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    He wasn't given a fair trial in the first place. As bad as having sex with a 14-year old is, it's not pedophilia, I doubt it was rape and he'd still naturally deserve a fair trial. He didn't get it, so I'd say him fleeing was understandable, if not excusable.
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    Never heard of the guy before you posted it. Ask the french instead. He also clarified that his relations were not with children, unlike Polanski. He's got to be a clever troll, no one can be this stupid.
  3. I do understand (though don't necessarily agree with) the cynical observation that warfare is intrinsic to human nature. If this is the case, however, "war never changes" seems less apt than "humanity never changes." Granted, statements about humanity tend to seem sort of inflated, so I can understand choosing the former over the latter. Moreover, I do see how in FO:NV, the conflict is on a large enough scale that it would be hard not to use an old standby like "War never changes." With that said, the declaration that "war never changes" in FO1 is part and partial to the argument that war has always been economically motivated. The only difference in the 21st century, explains the narrator, is that the spoils of war are also its weapons. You're more qualified to comment on the history of warfare than I am, but to me this perspective seems wildly reductive and even historicist, which is why I take issue with it. It just sounds cool, yo.
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    You're so precious, Dagon. Never change.
  5. And in this case legalization would reduce the costs and give benefits.
  6. Yeah, you're probably right...at least, in that most people wouldn't want the hassle of growing it. I mean, I don't even care about growing tomatoes or salad stuff in my backyard (hubby does, and keeps trying, heh). In terms of difficulty growing quality weed yourself, unless you're into all the cross pollination stuff, that's largely dependent on whether you can get the seeds from quality plants in the first place. (edit) Have you ever tried to grow it? Really...not that hard to grow "good" stuff. Mags try to make it sound complicated but it isn't. Anyway, for some users it might be an easy way to have a steady supply & then that corner store stuff would be an occasional treat, or something. Like hamburger at home and a steak on Sat. I have never grown any myself no, but I have helped friends with their crops and know the process fairly well. I wouldn't say its hard if you know what you're doing. It's just that most people, even most weed smokers aren't interested in growing plants, they just want to get high. First few crops usually fail to some degree, and since a crop takes multiple months to start blooming it's a long investment, usually too long for someone who just wants to smoke weed. You live in California right? That might be the reason why we've got fairly different views. Here in the north you need lamps and that stuff, not sure what the equipment is called in english, to get a cannabis plant to bloom.
  7. There is no way to establish what the people in your examples might have or not have accomplished had they not done drugs. So, their value as "proof" is, let's say, debatable, as we don't have a "zero-point" to compare against. I think it proves what it needs to prove: being a drug user doesn't mean you're some slobbering idiot or a brainless stoner who doesn't shower. "–°um hoc ergo propter hoc" They both also had mommy/daddy issues, and were possibly closet homosexuals. Are we to assume that means that those things also foster "creative thinking" (whatever that means anyway)? Both wrote very positively about drugs and recommended their use. Not quite the same.
  8. edit: misread. My list while incomplete shows that some of the most influential people in our culture used drugs. Many of them wrote or created art directly about drugs. Everyone influenced by these people were indirectly influenced by drugs. Most early shamanistic religions revolved around different hallucinogenic plants that were used in holy ceremonies. The vast majority of the ingenious tribes I've read about use substances that provide altered states of mind. Given the prevalence of drug use in ancient cultures everywhere and that they're still used today to draw inspiration from and induce experiences that differ from our regular state of mind I'd say it's not that implausible to say that drugs have played a huge part in developing our culture. Both Jung & Freud were frequent users of cocaine, morphine and other drugs, and they're the fathers of modern psychology. The point I was trying to make was that drugs don't create brilliance, but they don't hinder it either. A brilliant mind can use drugs to draw inspiration from, which brilliant minds throughout history have done. This was to counter you saying pot smokers make you look good in comparison, which is pretty stupid and arrogant since your previous 3 president were all potheads in their youth Now if you said you still look good in comparison to your last 3 prez's I'd agree, but I guess you wouldn't since you seem to think that the ultimate scale on which to judge people is what other people think of them. Prove, prove how? I'm only relying on those same references. I think it's plausible considering the rampart drug experimenting going on in the scientific community back then.
  9. your reasoning is suspect. 1) am suspecting that you would need to define "users/abusers of drugs" before we could take your notion serious. if every shlub who ever had a glass o' wine with his pot roast gets counted as a drug user in your book, then yeah, we suspect that you could say that "most" brilliant peoples has been drug users. User means uses drugs, abuser means abuses drugs. You're free to check a dictionary. Poets and musicians have been notorious drug abusers, from Baudelaire to the beatniks to any contemporary rock musician. Jung, Freud and Einstein + multiple other scientists used cocaine and later acid. Weed has been smoked in India for centuries or even millennia. And i'm not talking about "a glass of wine" here. Most other drugs don't work that way. Most people in the world use some sort of drugs, so it's safe to say most artists do as well. Tobacco, khat, coffeine... They're all drugs. Seems like it's in human nature to do so. I can give you a long list of brilliant people in history, from shamans to witch doctors to modern physicians who've been users or abusers. That doesnt mean everyone has been, but recreational drugs have in huge part shaped every culture in the world. I didn't claim there was a causal link between drugs and being brilliant, I claimed that many pot smokers are, have been and will make you look bad in comparison
  10. ^^ Most of the most brilliant minds in history have also been users/abusers of drugs. There'd be no art without drugs, no psychology, no religion. As much as you seem to look down on people who like to space out now and then, you owe your whole culture to them.
  11. Heh, wasnt there an end-of-the-world scenario in the mid 80's/early 90's where the Earth was going to be destroyed because all the planets in our solar system were going to come into direct alignment? Isn't that the plot to a few crappy scifi movies, Pitch Black included?
  12. These are both incorrect and ignorant statements, although I guess that's to be expected coming from you.
  13. What they want is essentially a console without Sony or MS or Nintendo to pay royalties or license fees to. This is only natural for big publishers, they don't want to share any profits with anyone. This would be a good move, but one fueled by greed, nothing less nothing more. It's still be a walled garden though, just one where publishers have more power.
  14. This is the "cement head" I'm referring to. It goes away once your tolerance goes up. The downside is that you need to smoke much more if you really want to space out. Nowadays I usually just toke a bit and then just do whatever, spacing out is fun and everything but I just usually want to relax and enjoy music a bit more while doing chores around the house.
  15. You may be coping, but I still say daily use is not recommend. It should be a weekend sort of thing as a rule of thumb just IMHO. It's not like the prime stuff is exactly cheap either. Yeah, which is the reason I'm not a daily user anymore. It was ok when I was in school and had no responsibilities, but now when I'm working I don't really want to risk forgetting some important work stuff because I had a cement head left over from last night. I get the primo cheap cos I know a lot of people who grow it. Sure there a drier times now and then, but those are actually good too since it's good to take some break from getting high, both because it's easier on your lungs and you get your tolerance down. This is all true to an extent, however I do feel that you're making it seem a bit more easy than it is. Growing high q. weed, especially if you want a certain strain is much like cooking or brewing beer; takes years of practise to make it perfect. Lots of people brew beer and make wine at home and still buy the professionally made stuff. Cannabis is naturally a bit different since there's no other process involved than the act of growing itself, but still if weed were legal I sure as hell wouldn't bother growing it, I'd just go to the nearest coffee shop and buy some exotic, strong and dried bud without any hassle.
  16. Cannabis, while not completely harmless, is most certainly the best suited for moderate and frequent consuption of all the drugs I've tried, not counting small amounts of alcohol like a beer or two a day. I've used it for more than a decade, starting from when I was 13 and am a relatively succesful person with meaningful relationships and a good career. I'm pretty much the proof that you can be a daily smoker of weed and live a completely "normal" life (altho my life isn't that normal, but that's a lifestyle choice). I'm all for cannabis legalization, if only that kids as young as I was started later and with purer, better weed than what we had to smoke back then.
  17. Sorry still waiting for those CD-keys. Maybe tonight. Whats your account name? I'll add you as soon as I get it installed.
  18. You will not have any doubt that psychological time is a mental disease if you look at its collective manifestations: ideologies such as communism, national socialism or any nationalism, or rigid religious belief systems, which operate under the implicit assumption that the highest good lies in the future and that therefore the end justifies the means. The end is an idea, a point in the mind-projected future, when salvation in whatever form -- happiness, fulfillment, equality, liberation -- will be attained. Not infrequently, the means of getting there involves the enslavement, torture and murder of people in the present. For example, it is estimated that as many as 50 million people were murdered to further the cause of communism, to bring about a "better world" in Russia, China and other countries. This is a chilling example of how belief in a future heaven creates a present hell.
  19. It's not worse, just more efficient. Both are a disgrace on the human race as a whole, and defending either is baffling to me.
  20. Add lots of gore and slaughtering massive hordes of enemies (where Borderlands and Torchlight failed) and you've got a killer! Generic fantasy setting not required though. Grim Dawn's looks interesting enough, even tho it is fantasy.
  21. Homophobia, discrimination, hate speech, religious and ethnic intolerance... It hasn't been that many decades since the last lynching in the south. That's like saying a cat is a bear because they're furry and like eating other animals. No, more like saying they're both mammals and predators. Actually calling Texas GOP a cat and the Taliban a bear is a quite fitting analogy
  22. Is she a republican as well? All that really show is that there are still some sane people in Texas.
  23. Wow, you know so much about Texas sitting over there in Finland. I know a fair share, all second hand knowledge naturally. Much like everything you post
  24. Homophobia, discrimination, hate speech, religious and ethnic intolerance... It hasn't been that many decades since the last lynching in the south.
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