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  1. Quite possible. Similarly, for me, the most annoying contracts in the AC Odyssey were torch kills.
  2. And how much is this? For the second level, you need to kill 100 pcs (200 - for the third).
  3. I understand that adding a second slot for its joint use with trinkets is a rather time-consuming task. But it may make sense to equalize it with other consumables (especially since it really has a resource even in the trinket version) and use it directly from the inventory either through the same shift key or through a HotPouch Bar?
  4. In (maybe earlier, checked only in this build) Berry and Pupa are converted during cutting immediately into Leather.
  5. In itself, the HotPouch extension in 1.1 can only be welcomed. However, there is one 'but' associated with the mechanism of its implementation (at least on a PC). All 3 sets of hotkeys are switched cyclically by the mouse wheel and the last one remains active. This is extremely inconvenient, because I think not only I still have only one set for quickly switching weapons and using smoothies, bandages, etc. as before. Therefore, before each pressing of the hotkey, it becomes necessary to first make sure that the main set is active, and not additional ones (or an attempt to develop a reflex to switch back to the main set). Ideally, it would be more convenient to switch to additional sets via Alt+ and Ctrl+, or at least implement an automatic return to the main set a few seconds after the last use of the hotkey on additional sets.
  6. Immediately after the release of beta 1.1 I decided to check this issue. But since in the patch notes for 1.1 it was written: "Added Data page entries for the Super MIX.Rs and a few other items found in the Upper Yard.", - I looked in the Data section, where appeared 5 new points in the Data/Places for the Upper Grasslands. I visited all 3 Super MIX.R and found 2 new POI. Then I tried to end the game and look at the statistics - still 99% and again the advice to explore the yard (not about mutations). What broke in the game again?
  7. According to the wiki, they only live in the hedge zone. As far as I remember, some of them wander in the laboratory itself on the trees, a few - below among the debris and a couple - in that very outpost on the way to the laboratory. And you need to keep in mind that during game updates related to the reset of the main storyline, they were all resurrected, so if some of them (or even all) were killed before 1.0, then after the release they must be completely cleared again.
  8. Widow Dagger becomes available after analyzing Super Spider Venom dropped by Black Widow (not Brood Mother)
  9. Since when you destroy all the Ruz-T you automatically get a gold card, one of two events takes place: either you encountered a bug (and no standard methods will help), or (more likely) you still missed a certain number of Ruz-T and they are wandering somewhere. Try to start again carefully comb through all the laboratories and outposts.
  10. It's most likely that your game has switched to using the graphics integrated into the CPU instead of the discrete 1660
  11. Probably many are confused by the not very good name "hot pouch" for the shortcut buttons bar. There are no additional slots other than inventory and slots on the character's body! And there is just a strip on the screen that displays which buttons are assigned to the use of certain items from the inventory. When shortcut is pressed, the item either moves from the real inventory slot to the real slot on the body, or is spent on one or another action. As a result, we can discuss the actual size of this inventory (they promise to increase it in 1.1), but not the ability to move an item from it to nowhere (toolbar).
  12. If you killed all the TAYZ.T, you would automatically receive a gold card. And since you write that you don’t have it, it means that a certain number of them are wandering somewhere. From my own experience, I suspect that you missed the outpost in the wall of bushes to the left of the first zipline on the way to the Hedge Lab.
  13. Very strange logic. There is no relationship between inventory size and the number of hotkeys. And no one is forcing you to take exactly as many things with you on a hike as you have hotkeys. I see only positive changes: we are getting 8 inventory slots and 16 hotkeys. The only thing I'm a little upset about this issue is the mechanisms of change. As far as I understand, the inventory simply increases for everyone at once (or they could implement it through crafting, which is much more interesting), and switching sets of hotkeys (on a PC) will be implemented only with the mouse wheel (as for me, it would be more convenient from the keyboard, for example Alt+ Ctrl+).
  14. I don’t remember in which patch or release this chip was removed, but currently it is not in the game.
  15. I'm a little different. Perhaps because my main base is located near the Mysterious Machine (near the Field Station). Most of the time, he hangs passively over the Mysterious Machine, saying a few of his standby phrases, but will attack any enemies that attack my character, including during Raids, and can still fly quite far from the Mysterious Machine, sometimes almost as far as a Baseball on the west. However, I have not yet noticed any attempts to start following the character again.
  16. This topic comes up regularly. I agree that the non-respawnable resources on the map are not enough to fully improve the ammunition of four characters. And for improvements of level 8-9 - not enough even for one character. But after all, the game simultaneously contains all the necessary recipes for crafting improvements from respawnable sources. What is the problem?
  17. Schmector is the final storyline boss. Like other storyline bosses, he does not respawn. The recipe for an Sour Battle Axe (and much more) is obtained by picking up a Ominent Data Disk from he's body. Did you loot him?
  18. I noticed this option at the very end of the storyline already before the final pressing of the Mysterious Machine button. And before that, he also got under my feet and knocked down my aim with his useless attacks.
  19. One of the options of the dialogue with him does just that. But I failed to make him follow the character again after that.
  20. It would be much more logical and convenient if the items in the inventory were sorted in the following order: weapons; armor (grouped by sets, not by slots); trinkets; consumables; everything else (grouped by tiers).
  21. The wiki lists a 1% chance for gold cards to drop from normal creatures. According to my observations, this is approximately the way it is in the game, and this is quite an acceptable value. However, for creatures that are few on the map, plus they have a long respawn time, this value should obviously be significantly increased (at least up to 5-10%). And at the same time, introduce some kind of outfit into the game (for example, a trinket), which additionally significantly increases the chance of dropping gold cards (and at the same time the amount of loot from mobs).
  22. I'm seeing the same problem on the earliest buildings made around 0.12-0.13. The problem has already reflected in the Issue Tracker: Some stairs and structures from old saves are incorrectly rotated.
  23. I have the same problem (since 1.0 release) on all saves made before the release. On saves made after the release, the location is displayed correctly (but I didn’t go far in the story, I just ran a little to check).
  24. Are you get Ash Cement recipe? Made it and analyzed Ash Cement?
  25. All of the above is a consequence of one big problem. Absolutely few slots in the inventory. Mega Molars solve it very poorly, because we are much more concerned with the number of slots in the inventory for non-stackable (or just various) resources than the size of the stack. Ultimately, this forces us to run to the base and back for a significant part of the time to free up inventory or constantly solve the question: what can be thrown out of it in order to pick up a more valuable resource that has turned up along the way. The simple exploration mode practically unavailable, only a variant of a targeted campaign for one or two resources.
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