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  1. I guess it's Pukestabber https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Pukestabber You get drunk by resting and using alcohol as food. You get a hangover on the following rest if you do nothing after being drunk.
  2. If I wasn't doing my current run as a mage-slaying barbarian, I would likely have gone with a Forbidden Fist monk as main. It is pretty strong, and I like the lore. Think about that. You can always multiclass Xoti, so she's a mix between a priest and a monk. Or maybe I'd go with a Durance-like bellower (chanter), so I can shout at all the heretics and harlots. I'd say, try to find something you'd like to RP as, then bild you char around that.
  3. The new subclasses are fun, maybe a little stronger than the old. Do try them! People will advice you to multiclass. This is heretical advice - some will even claim that canon Eder is rogue -, but will probably be a fun thing. So maybe consider multiclassing your chars. "Multiclassing will spice up your party", they will say. Which is just another way to say: Do drugs! Oh don't listen to me. I'm also a big fan of Elex (the game, not the drug) so I'm likely a masochist! Edit: Signature: Nerf Gorecci Street!
  4. I'm like 15 hours into my play as a sC Mage Slayer. Besides the Spell Disruption on spellcasters, it feels like a vanilla barb. You can't use scrolls, but no true barb uses scrolls. Can't use potions, but **** potions. And 100% of the times, beneficial spells work 75% of the times. Furyshaper is for people who want to be indoor decorators, anyway.
  5. Chanter has some downtime between invocations. Ideally used for autoattacking or consumables.
  6. So, I like to have bugs fixed, but otherwise am not to keen on having the game rebalanced. If am ONLY interested in bugfixes, can I (manually) install the basic Community Patch and delete all the gamedatabundles from that mod, I don' want? Or will this screw up my mod install? Edit: Oh bugger. I need to read the whole patch notes. There is a bugfix-only version of the mod. Thanks.
  7. Yes. AI scripting doesn't care that health is hidden. It will reliably heal you when threshold is triggered.
  8. BTW, I have decided. I'm gonna run with a SC Mage Slayer, even though furrycosplayshaping wardmonster most likely is more powerful. Companions will be their default class. Eddie the Fighter, Alotta the Wizzard, Xoti the priest of zombies, Blue fuzzball as a wild mind (more strategic fun) cipher, Tech9 as druid and ... well, you get the idea. MS seems like fun challenge that has not been theorycrafted to death. This will be different with lots and lots of new ideas
  9. Technically it could be pally-chanty. Or pali-chanti. Or pala-chant. But 'abbreviating' paladin (7 chars) and not chanter (7 chars) makes no sense! That's just loco!
  10. Yowsa, so many answers. So, I have almost decided and the RP flavour will be the ultimate deciding factor for me. Second Wind is a given in all barb builds for me. I It will either be a Mage Slayer or Furyshaper. Berserker is nice and all, but I love the concept of reliable Carnage and hate the dependency of specific items to counter that. Also the -5 int hurts the AOE. OFC I could always RP him as a svef-eating berserker-druggie. Constentin point out that healing is a minor issue for Mage Slayer. I get the impression Mage Slayer needs to be a more mobile barb than the other subclasses. Get in to kill mages. Get out when you're being swarmed and low on health with no reliable healing ready. And as Elric points out, paladin'y things aren't spells, so I might bring Pallegina or those items. Hmm, Mage Slayer is looking more viable. And goddamm I hate those enemy spellcasters.
  11. 1) I like to AI-script too, so healing can be managed that way. But otherwise you have "blooded" as an indicator when at half health. Or only use frenzy when at high health. And use frenzy AND stally defense at the same time. Stally defense will heal ca half the damage. 2) I find mage-slayer intriguing. But I'm unsure how to reliably heal him. There is Second Wind. Gauns Pledge too, I think. A 75% chance on ally heal. And (unknown for me) itemization based on heal on kill. HOT via drugs.
  12. That is a good take. The barb puts up a totem, and does a "last stand in this sacred area" kinda fight. Hmm, maybe furyshaper id the way to go first time.
  13. You might be right on the dying. When I think conceptually, it fits the subclass to not survive every encounter due to recklessness. Also they added that passive ability "Vengeful Defeat". Furryshape feels more shamanistic. A bit against the grain.
  14. Napkin-math time. Yep. Think it's 2 extra pr powerlevel, excluding multipliers. At PL9, the damage will be base (18 multiplied with damage bonuses and the 45% PL Increase)*Duration/3sec. I (think) defiance will mitigate (10 multiplied by same bonuses)*SameDuration/3sec. Net result is a loss of (8 with damage bonuses and the 45% PL Increase)*Duration/3sec. That should be manageable. As Berk is crit-machine with frenzy, one should build towards crits and items that help with this.
  15. The defense have spoken and I have listened. I get that both corpse-eater and mage slayer is "mechanically challenged" and considered underdog-classes. Also, I don't think I can RP a corpse-eater well enough. with lacking diplomacy due to bad breath from rotten flesh pies. Hmm, that leaves - Vanilla barb. Probably MOR-okay though the "No Subclass" notification chafes me. It's like an insult on my screen. To my face! - Berserker. High risk, high reward. Did some math. Frenzy should be quite manageable with Stalwart Defense. - Furyshaper. Interesting concept. The acc buff against spirits is nice and the will-hit can probably be mitigated with drugs, "Bull's Will" and stuff. But I'm not too fond of pet/summon-classes. I'm gonna roll the dice I think.
  16. Thanks for all the answers. Now I have another question. Being peckish at the moment, I'm thinking of trying corpse-eater subclass. Mainly because the fun thing with having extra PL due to Forbidden Pie and Corpse Loaf. 1) Forbidden Pie comes with a malus to diplomacy skill. If my base value is 0, can my diplomacy be a negative number after having eaten Forbidden Pie?
  17. So, important topic here! As people quickly discover, you get the option to name some islands. This is worse than having to choose classes I swear! What naming scheme do you use when naming islands and why? Currently I'm tempted to use the greek alphabet in order as I discover them. But it seems a bit boring! Signature: Nerf everything, buff berserker!
  18. I tend to do a strange thing. There is a gunpowder barrel in the Arena. I sneak down to the tent in the arena (position super important) near the tent, hugging the wall. Then I use sparkcrackers to attract beasts near gunpowder. Eder uncloaks and shoot barrel, barrel explodes. Rest is fighting with tent as chokehold.
  19. It's been a while, but I'm back. I'm gonna beat this game! Restartistis be buggered! Path of the Damned and upscale all the way, every day! I do have some questions about single class barbarian. I'm a purist, so forget everything about enticing me with multiclassing on my first run. 1) "Threatening Presence"? How does that work with upscaled enemies? Does it compare to the bestiary level or is it useless when you have upscaled enemies in the difficulty setting? 2) Despite the raw damage increasing with power levels, I assume berserker is viable with savage defiance? Or will I be so aggravated by the malus at later levels? Is berserker subclass a trap on POTD? 3) "Blood Storm"? How much does the duration increase pr kill? 4) Is there any way to see the carnage AOE? Hit me with all your knowledge! Signature: Nerf Troubadour and stuff!
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