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  1. Taking the RPG part out of the combat? Thats the whole premise of the game, an espionage "RPG", The game would be dull if your character could do everything perfectly from the beginning
  2. Sorry.. that was me after working till 5am, and not fully awake, pardon my rudeness, however, I have to agree that you should try some other hubs instead of just giving up, that was what I meant by my post, dont quit the game cause of one boss
  3. Because they see a resemblance, and either A. dont think Deus Ex is as good as you do, B havent played AP and are comparing it as they have seen so far, or C think AP is good enough to compare to Deus Ex, just because your opinion of an old game is so high, and views of this one is so low, doesnt mean a comparison between the two is bad
  4. If one boss can ruin the game for you, then I feel sorry for you
  5. I think its a fake, why would a dev post that on this one website? Why not one of the others that gave it a bad review, to top it off its anonymous, and I doubt anyone that used to work there or does work there would do that, anonymous or not, cause if they got found out, they would have a very difficult time finding another job if they wanted to list any past work experience
  6. Strangely enough this review extravaganza takes me back to Neverend God I hope AP doesnt end up like that
  7. I think it has more to do with where American interests in games are. Most Americans(trust me, I know as I am one) can't sit through a movie if there isn't a crazy action scene, so asking them to play through a game that might take some understanding of the dialogue... As nice as it may be to blame our simplistic minds and our lack of capacity for complexity, I don't buy it. There's something else going on here - why would the European reviewers see the game as pretty damn good, but with outdated graphics while the American reviewers see it as an unplayable trainwreck with monotonous dialogue? I dunno, unless its just that our reviewers have no patience for the RPG elements, I mean, what else could be going on?
  8. So.. just as a note, if you are gonna go on an angry rage about something like that, cursing, bolding, and capslocking, and particularly insulting the intelligence of others, at LEAST spell the word GENIUSES right....
  9. I voted 360 because Ive learned that as a gamer raised on consoles, trying to play a game that has shooter elements on PC (such as MW1, which is the only shooter I own on PC) never ends with anything but my butt getting handed to me....
  10. Ok, Im sure this is gonna sound more smart*** like then anything, but I dont mean it that way, if your not buying it, then why do you still come to the forum? (sorry I couldnt think of a way to ask that didnt come off kinda jerk-like)
  11. Glad to see so many people enjoying the game. You guys are making my day. I like how you decided to quote the one guy who doesn't have the game yet. Almost like driving that screw in just a little bit tighter for those of us that live in NA and have to wait till the 1st. Im thinking that may have to do with my OVER 9000 Comment, but I cant be sure, however, my jealousy is still most definitely >9000
  12. As an American, my jealousy rating is currently 9000+.0001 which is of course OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!
  13. alright lol, I must have missed it, thanks Oner
  14. The veteran stuff has what will feel more like the director's cut sort of stuff, the goofier stuff, and the VO that was just too distracting or over the top for the first experience. The recruit will mainly funny things where they make fun of you for being a total noob. I'd recommend doing a play through on a "standard" background, then recruit, than veteran, not because of the dialog choices, but because with three playthroughs, you will see a decent chunk of the branching content. Not nearly all of it, but with three playthroughs, you'll see just how big of a game you have with AP. One other question, (directed towards you or one of the other devs), do the characters comment on your background if you pick one of the standard ones? like if I picked freelance would I hear different lines then my buddy who is picking soldier
  15. so the recruit background is going to have goofy stuff in it? I thought it was just people commenting on your rookie status
  16. That actually sounds like a good idea, I was thinking of doing stealth first, but since Im getting the assault pack with my preorder, why not use it
  17. Do you guys think it would be better to pick a starting background or to pick recruit on the first play through? Cause recruit sounds more interesting, but it would be nice to start out with some skills
  18. Then why not buy a new PS3 copy instead of used? Support the company that made the game at least
  19. Yachemenev stated in a previous post, that if he bought AP new as a PS3 copy it would show him as supporting console over PC games. It confuses myself as well, but alas he must be a Taurus. Wouldnt buying a used PS3 copy do the same?
  20. One point you are also ignoring is, why not buy a new PS3 copy so that the developer doesnt get screwed out of money, cause if you buy used, thats less money for them, and more for Gamestop.
  21. ITT: Jokes that were completely missed.... and taken as seriousness... On Topic: I dunno... I wish more companies would let the games run in 4:3 but who knows...
  22. Yea, I also like that the conversations cant be restarted so you can just say something else, in this game, it looks like once youve said somethin, it's said, which is nice... I cant count the number of times I was tempted to cheat during the conversations on Mass Effect..
  23. "For a game that focuses on guns and gadgets, youd think Obsidian would have at least included the trusty headshot. " ...I thought there were headshots?
  24. I would really like to hear the french dub for ME, now I'm curious! @ WorstUsernameEver: Lol I remember the voice acting in Metal Gear. Campbell's voice was... o dear! He was a robot! Yes-snake-you-must-infiltrate-the-enemy-base-system-error-system-error *metallic noise* @Yoomazir: Even movies are bad in Spanish dub? This is bad (since movies should be considered a serious thing). Not all movie dubs are bad.. I got really bored and watched Talladega Nights in French, the voices werent too bad, but replacing "Shake and Bake" with "Rock and Roll" ruined some of the jokes
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