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  1. the graphics are impressive. im running ultra settings on a EVGA 3060. 103 fps max, average around 85. the complex textures, light rays, and shadows are clean and reactive. there are a few clipped gfx, mostly dealing with spiders, but minimal. I know you don't hear praise usually in these forums, but I want you guys to know youre doing an amazing job, this game looks amazing, the controls are reasonably intuitive, and once you've got the full story going on, this **** will be fire!
  2. quick, make some shields, lol but, yea, theres a LOT of dead weevils all over the place
  3. happening to me as well, weevil noses also. only in places where weevils would normally spawn though. I'm assuming its a bug where it spawns dead.
  4. not a fan either. even though it was grindy to get to a lvl 9 item of any kind, it at least seemed more "realistic". instead of this upgrade system, the old one just needs some rebalancing. the grind for quartzite really wasn't THAT bad as it forced me to return to the oak lab and haze areas more often than I would otherwise. as far as getting twinkling shells, once you have a crossbow and marksman cap upgraded to around 5-6, you can one-shot the scarabs. The excessive need for sap in the armor upgrades was really my only gripe. You could fix that simply by making the sap collectors more efficient or even upgradeable (use mosquito noses and bombardier beetle parts to make them generate more sap/hold more sap) . instead of just sap, use acid glands, red/black ant parts, mite fuzz, weevil noses, or stinkbug parts as I have whole boxes of all of them and not nearly enough use. Lastly, the amount of collectable pupa hide needs to be raised a bit. instead of 1-2 drop, either a 1-3 or 2-3 drop or just put up more hanging pupas. I'm really enjoying needing to shoot them down and break them open while fighting off ladybirds. the ones in the canyon just seem out of place. you already have SO many materials in the game that could use some love in the existing recipes, why create a whole new upgrade system with materials that don't make any sense?
  5. there really should be additional nodes though, probably around the trash pile, forcing you to travel over to that corner more.
  6. to make fighting the dust mites easier, wear termite armor for the dust protection, upgraded ladybug shin guards for the additional health boost, an upgraded mask of the mother demon for the poison nova, and use a mint upgraded mosquito needle for the health steal and elemental weakness bonus. this way, if they do gang on you, the poison nova hits them all, while your poisoning them with every jab, stealing a good amount of health, and completely immune to their status effects. makes farming lint a breeze.
  7. having the same problem. PC gamepass version
  8. Also, if you're looking to be able to carry everything needed to make a base in your bag (Base-in-a-Box): Walls/Floors/Doors: Mushroom Brick Spiky Burr Lint Rope Acorn Shell Acorn Tops "Stairs"/Foundations: Pebblet Clay Lighting: Sap Sprig Dry Grass Chunk Water/Food/Storage/Sleep: Pebblet Sprig Dry Grass Chunk Acorn Shell Clover Leaf Crude Rope Sap (Optional for Storage Chest ILO Storage Basket) Bombardier Parts (Optional for Jerky Rack) Grub Goop (Optional for Smoothie Station) Really, the only things you'd need planks or stems for are advanced crafting, survival, and navigation structures (All values are in addition to the above mentioned materials): Dew Collector - Weed Stem x6 + Quartzite Shard x8 + Silk Rope x5 Bed - Weed Stem x4 + Crow Feather Pieces x2 Garden Patch - Weed Stem x6 + Spoiled Meat x1 Sap Catcher - Weed Stem x2 Work Bench - Grass Plank x3 Ladder - Weed Stem x2 Zipline Anchor - Weed Stem x6 + Silk Rope x1 Grass Stairs - Weed Stem x1 + Grass Plank x4 Acorn Spiral Stairs - Weed Stem x1 For a complete, minimal survival shelter in your bag: Pebblet x10 Clay x4 Mushroom Brick x24 Spiky Burr x8 Lint Rope x4 Acorn Shell x6 Acorn Top x1 Sprig x7 Dry Grass Chunk x6 Clover Leaf x8 Crude Rope x5 Sap x1 This will give you a 1x2 Mushroom Brick-walled shelter and door with Spiky Burr ceiling and Pebblet Foundation. Inside, you'd have a Lean-To, Water Container, Roasting Spit, Storage Basket, and Sap Sconce.
  9. you can already transport stems and planks via the zipline
  10. since there are multiple liquids that all can be held in the water containers, it'd be nice to be able to tell what liquid is in there
  11. when connecting a zipline, it would be nice to be able to see the angle and how fast it would be.
  12. for a little more precision in wall placement, sometimes half of a full vertical wall is needed
  13. yes, a self-hosted, dedicated server would be a great addition, esp since it is a play anywhere and could have the server running on pc
  14. same issue, apparently buildable objects need to "hit" to become visible to other players. the host can place, build or move objects, but other players have issues interacting with moved objects (same with some dropped resources, grass planks, weed stems)
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