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  1. Trust me mate everyone wants some sort of elevator and i saw an idea where you use a weevil or aphid as the power to the elevator
  2. you can tell whether your about to dig up a grub or larva. Larva have a deeper rumbling noise when they're under the ground whereas grubs have a lighter sound when in the ground.
  3. So I play on pc so I don't know about xbox or anything but when I gain a level in brain power the ticking of the progress bar sticks around and plays constantly, I can get rid of it easily by quitting and then loading back but damn is it annoying.
  4. Maybe not a jumping spider club but more in the style of a war hammer as there are already plenty of clubs in the game
  5. I just want a battle axe in the game that would be cool
  6. So the table has a lot of stems underneath it but some people build bases quite far away so i think that the addition of some sort of transport using ziplines would be useful and make base building a lot less time consuming.
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