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  1. Voting YouTube with some nice commentary, and no twitch.tv chat tards. However, 10 minutes sounds a bit short and unnecessary, you realise YouTube lifted that limit years ago? You should do 30 minute segments at least, not hundreds of 10 minute clips.
  2. Do you think killing adults is not evil? Do you support making most NPCs invincible in game? If not, you're sick! In my opinion they should never let us kill anyone - the death penalty is wrong. Certainly, they shouldn't let us kill people who commit minor crimes such as thieves in any case. The game will be so much better when most people are invincible. I also hope they don't allow us to steal any items from the game world, as that is obviously wrong. But yes, since killing NPCs in a video game is sick and comparable to wanting to do it in real life, this is also why I think people who e
  3. Ugh, elves. I hope there's not more than one type, what a bland waste that would be. As for my opinion on the poll, simple: WAAAAAAAAGH! ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS.
  4. I'm pretty baffled that so many people disagree with the original poster and want an incredibly simplistic game filled with simplistic dichotomous choices. It's not about being 'edgy,' it's about having an interesting game with great choices and consequences where you don't merely make the choice 'okay so is my character a simplistic evil dude or a simplistic good dude' at the beginning and barely have to read the questions before answering - presumably you people would like them to colour-code the questions to make it even more simple. I don't want the game to be nothing but 'save puppy f
  5. If you were to fund a project with kickstarter, it should be something special. You should go all the way and make a true, worthy spiritual successor to Planescape Torment. Isometricy, turn-basedy goodness. The kind of RPG your grandfather used to play, not a glorified action game. I realise this genre is long dead, and it's not the type of thing you go after if you're out to make money, but, well, I hope that you'd be surprised and at the very least could give classic RPGs one last hurrah. It of course wouldn't need to be Planescape Torment 2; the original wrapped things up quite nicely.
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