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  1. I can confirm this. I also have an Antelope companion. I get '+ X pierce damage' in the tooltip for my ranger but not the companion.
  2. This is also something I've been wondering in relation to my ranger's ability (accuracy bonus if more than 4 metres from target), and I'm also contemplating the Marksman talent (which gives bonus vs 'distant' enemies). I haven't noticed any UI indications of whether these effects apply or not. It would be useful to know.
  3. I agree. In particular, the red-headed bard in the inn (can't remember her name) spouts a lot of historical exposition at you, but there's so many different place names, nationalities, roles and titles that it's very difficult to digest. Granted, it may be easier to understand if you play the game from the start, but it did seem to be going a little overboard with the made-up words. At one point, if you ask her what a particular word means, she says something like, 'it's basically a knight'. Well, great. If we're going to have made-up titles, it's a bit lazy to define them by reference to
  4. Interesting. I was thinking earlier about how the combat reminded me a bit too much of action-RPGs, a genre I'm not really a fan of. Lots of damage numbers floating around, hits that barely seem to have an impact or reaction, fast movement, flashy effects with bright colours, a focus on DPS, etc. Still, I'm sure I'll enjoy it much more once it's gone through its final polish.
  5. Ah, I've realised that the dots in combat are health bars. Thanks frostphoenix for the reply. As for impressions, the game looks beautiful and really captures that Infinity Engine feel. The combat, however, feels too fast to me, and gets a bit visually cluttered with too many effects, colours and UI elements. Some ideas: have an abilities/items toolbar at the bottom of the screen with big icons, and hide/move the menu move action timers to the toolbar, with a green 'ready' checkbox - after all, when you want to use an ability, you look at the toolbar make hits feel more impactful tone
  6. Quick question: what are the red/green dots that appear above characters in combat?
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