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  1. What did you edit the save game with? Notepad++ just has a bunch of junk characters after the outfit entries, no numbers?
  2. I wonder if it would be possible to use a similar method for the model swaps in ME2 to get the tux from the Al Bara mission to replace the other clothes models
  3. Possible, but with the restrictions placed by platform holders, I wouldn't count on it
  4. Slightly related question, anyone know if the conversation with marburg at the end of this video is even in the game? http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4619481/ap_inter_5/
  5. I'm seeing plenty of solutions addressing the stuttering problem with the mouse/turning, but is there anything to help the couple second delays when initiating a minigame (usually the circuit one, occasionally hacking, but almost never picking locks for some reason) or when opening the PDA menus?
  6. Well, Obsidian's only announced game other than F:NV is that Wheel of Time one...
  7. The feed wasn't very good. There's also this gametrailers vid that just came out where it looks a bit better http://www.gametrailers.com/video/preview-...protocol/100121
  8. Has it actually been confirmed that Unilock is on all versions of AP? I find it kind of odd that they'd do so after backing down to only having it on the non-steam DD versions of Football manager 2010 after the FM09 fiasco.
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